I am a German Medical Doctor, specialist for anaesthesia, a German Naturopath and a German/Russian trained Spiritual Healer.
Meanwhile I have spent more than 40 very active years in Medicine.
Throughout all these years I have been driven by this one nagging question:

If you are interested in my personal story, my professional CV, my vision…
please read the additional information below.
In this introduction to ‘ABOUT ME’ I will keep it more general.

From early childhood on I have been questioning a lot.
This attitude has enabled me to be an exceptionally good student.
Never have I just accepted anything as ‘true’, only because somebody said so.
I have always wanted a proof.
You might call this a lack of trust-that is partially true.
Why would I simply ‘trust’ people’s opinions?
Why would I ‘trust’ newspapers, magazines, TV?
Why would I ‘trust’ school or university?
In my lifelong struggle to approach TRUTH…
I have learned to think ‘out of the box’, out of any boxes…

By heavenly chance I have been blessed with some of the best teachers on this planet, teachers of TRUTH.
When ever I sincerely asked for guidance, a true teacher would cross my way:

Dr.Otto Swiderski, my French teacher and deepest philosopher I’ve ever met
Otto used to ride his horse to school in the middle of Berlin city
Dr.Thomas Roeske, my math teacher, who taught me…logic
Dr. Roeske still remembers me as the best verbal final math examn in his career
Prof.Eyrich,  the head of department, where I became an anaesthetist
Prof. Eyrich taught me in a very subtle way to remain humble -in a very powerful position
Dr. Horst Becke, my teacher in Neural Therapy and Acupuncture
Nobody but Dr. Becke could have opened my mind to…all what was still to come…
Dr. Ulli Aldag, my ‘crazy’ teacher in many fields of ‘Alternative Medicine’
Ulli…was way ahead of her time…and it took me many years to truly understand her…
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and his German INK-team, my ART teachers
Dietrich and his team gave me the tools to…approach TRUTH…and HEALTH!
Svetlana Moia,a high-ranked Russian clairvoyant, who has worked together with Russian space shuttle scientists-
Svetlana took me by the hand for my first steps into the realms of the BEYOND
Viktor Philippi, my Russian teacher in the ART of Spiritual Healing
Victor Philippi has been my last and most important teacher of all!

These are my most, most important teachers.
There have been many others, whom I will have to spare out here.
The lowest common denominator of all those real teachers of mine:
They have encouraged me to THINK.
Anyone of them has changed my life forever and helped me to become who I am.
My teachers have enabled me to be ME.

There have been many, many other ‘teachers’, who tried to impose their opinions and beliefs on me.
It has not worked and I have forgotten their names.
For they were false prophets!

How would I have know that many teachers were false and very few were righteous?
First and foremost: ‘Right’ just FEELS right! It resonates with us!!!
But if you want it a bit more ‘scientifically’:
What is ‘right’ will WORK!
Righteousness will always show good results.

Let me bring another quote here:
One of my greatest idols, Jesus, taken as a historical person, a wise man, a prophet,
Jesus teaches us a very simple way to discern GOOD form EVIL:
“By their fruits ye shall know them!”
Too easy, isn’t it?

Applied to Medicine…as we practice it to date:
Is HEALTH on the rise???

Only when the fruits are GOOD, I will consider trusting the gardener.
Once convinced, I surely want to learn the gardener’s secret.
Only then I will become the most dedicated and successful of all their students.

There is a clear ranking in any kind of learning:
First you are an apprentice.
Then you might become a fellow of your trade.
Only few will be masters.
As much as ‘Modern Times’ try to overthrow this archetypal rule…it’s still the law…:
The master teaches the student!!!
The apprentice cannot teach the master
-as much as they will have gathered some loose information in the internet-
Information does not equal KNOWLEDGE.

I have studied with the masters-in the ‘old fashioned’, the archetypal kind of way.
I have been an apprentice for 35 years of my life.
A ‘Medicine -Fellow’ for 5 years.
I think that I am on the verge to mastery now….after 40 years.
Every truly gifted student will take their master’s teachings to the next level.
This is exactly what I have put on my life’s agenda.
“New German ART of Healing”