Two Stories

Let me simply tell you 2 little stories to illustrate how ART, ‘The 3 PILLARS’ and ‘The Pyramid’ work hand in hand as a
Healing System:

1. Healing Level too LOW:
I remember this 16 year old girl, who came to see me with a severe knee-ache.
The girl was very bright, otherwise healthy and a passionate horse-rider.
She had not been able to participate in any school-sports for 3 years, had undergone 2 knee
operations and-what she loathed most!- had not been able to ride her horse in all this time.
Now she was scheduled for a third operation ( with the same surgeon!).

The ART testing revealed:
“NERVOUS SYSTEM/BODY (electrical level)”

With a bit of experience you will look for a disturbance in the lower lumbar/upper sacrale region.
These are the same nerve- segments, which innervate the knee (medicine manuals 2nd semester!).
It turned out that she had a so called (electrical) interference field in her lower pelvis after her first
period…3 years ago… ONE simple (and cheap!!!) Neural Therapy injection fixed the problem.
The girl went back to ride her horse the next week and cancelled the ‘operation’.

The surgeon’s ‘explanation’ was ‘usage’. Hmmm. Interesting.
Why would a young sportive and healthy girl have a ‘usage’ problem?
And why would she only have ‘usage’ in one knee???
And what would surgery do with ‘usage’ in the second or even third operation?
This surgeon was clearly not clear about the level of treatment needed in this case-his ( not doubted!) surgical skills did not reach the –only a bit!- higher vibrational level of the problem’s manifestation.

Had this surgeon (and millions of his colleagues!) had a little bit of extra training, he could have spared the girl (and himself and the staff and the community!!!) the effort, the dangers and the costs! of 2 knee operations…and he could probably have done the simple Neural Therapy himself— successfully.

2. Treatment level too HIGH:

When I was volunteering for a healing center lately, which is more focusing on spiritual healing, a middle aged lady came to consult me.
All the other healers were quite excited about it, because she had been a hard case for a long time for many of them, a ‘regular’ at the center.
Everything had already been tried on her: expelling evil spirits, cutting her off ET-contacts, re-birthing and ‘finding your inner woman’ or so…to name only a few.
But…she was still anxiety ridden, almost suicidal, completely dis-functional in life and society.

The very easy and very clear ART-diagnosis:
DIGESTIVE SYSTEM/BODY : Heavy metal/Mercury intoxication ( which is known to cause exactly her symptoms).
It is simply of NO use expelling evil spirits (mental level), if the major blockage is a physical problem- like e.g. a heavy metal intoxication.
Once the heavy metal blockage is healed, the patient will find her way to deal with the deeper causes of this intoxication in her specific way…which might even be some of the therapies that had been offered to her before.
Had all these (undoubtedly gifted) spiritual healers had a bit of an extra training…they might have been successful.

“If you only have a hammer, every problem will look like a nail”