Have you ever had to see a psychologist?
Did they really talk about YOU?

Most psychological approaches remain on the level of the conscious mind.
Whatever makes us ill is usually hidden in our subconscious.
Whatever is conscious might bother us, but it usually does not cause disease.
Therefore it is a crucial requirement for ANY psychological method that it is able to open the doors to our subconscious mind…just as far as the patient can go.
Additionally, it is desirable that some insights, which become available through the access to our subconscious can be made conscious – in order to facilitate learning.

‘Counselling’ often proves to be too superficial.
Not only does counselling mostly reflect the opinion of the counseller, it also fails to touch the underlying, unconscious problems.
On the other hand… the methods, which reach deeper, need a lot of trust between the client and the therapist.
Hypnotherapy, for instance, can be wonderful or…pretty manipulative, depending on the therapist.

You will be able to guess that I will suggest a method, which is closely related to ART:
Opposite to many other psychological methods it reaches deep enough even though the patient is semi-awake and sort of has the last word how far to go and when to stop.
Both patient and therapist are well-protected and learning is almost guaranteed.

A Psycho-Kinesiology session is structured like an ART-session:
Usually the patient will lie comfortably on an examination table as the therapist tries to come as close as possible to the underlying problem with the help of ART.
If the underlying cause is minor, it will often do to define the time when the trauma happened– your subconscious mind knows the exact date and time, also who was involved. Very often this information is enough to trigger the client’s memory.
The more severe cases might need some semi-hypnotic aids, like couloured glasses or certain eye-movements to bring the old or suppressed memories to the surface again.
At any stage the client can say :”STOP!”, if it is getting too scary for him/her.
Also the therapist will sometimes ask: “Shall we go deeper here?”

Once the issue has been brought to the surface it is easy usually pretty to solve it.
One issue-one session!
Sometimes one session will be enough for a physical symptom to disappear, sometimes a Psycho-Kinesiology session is ‘only’ the first door-opener for a long healing process.

What ever happens, it will be ABOUT YOU!
People sense this fundamental difference to many other psychological approaches.
Even clients, who have already tried a fair bit of psycho-therapies in vain, usually become confident again, cheer up and would certainly recommend