Small Consultation

Why not try something NEW?

A SMALL CONSULTATION gives you the opportunity
to see, if my approach resonates with you.

It includes:
1. A full ART testing ( in person or as a ‘surrogate testing’)
2. A short report of the ART results (as an email)
3. My recommendations (in the same email)

$ 50

Usually there is NO treatment included here.
However, if I come across a very simple problem
I’ll just ‘fix’ it on the go…as a first step.

In any case you will feel some relief,
when my findings meet your inner truth.


Should you then want to go ahead:

a complete FIRST CONSULTATION will be only

$ 100


Let me give you an example for a SMALL CONSULTATION

Many years ago I was running a market shop
at the Eumundi Markets for a few weeks.
I had just relocated to the Sunshine Coast
and wanted to spread the word…
My main offer on the markets was a

One day a nice young couple popped in.
They were desperately seeking help-
because the young man had been suffering from
some‘mystery disease’ for quite some time.
As a very successful real estate agent he was
not too much open for any ‘mysteries’ at all…

He left my market stall all fine and happy!

Please read his testimonial :