First Full Consultation

You’d like to invest in a FULL CONSULTATION straight away?

A FULL consultation takes longer and is more detailed and deeper
than a small consultation.

It includes:
1. A –detailed- ART testing ( in person or as a ‘surrogate test’)
2. A –detailed- report of the ART session as a ‘Summary of Session’(as email)
3. A-detailed- treatment plan ( in the same email)
4. Profound information, e.g. publications on the issues of your concern
5. 1 full distance energy healing – to kick-start the healing process

$ 150


Any communication in regards to your FIRST CONSULTATION is FREE.
I usually do these additional ‘Q&As’ via email, if urgent via sms, very rarely over the phone.

A long history of dis-ease does not necessarily require the effort of a full consultation.
It really depends on the individual circumstances.
However, if you would like me to assess your ‘official’ medical history, e.g. lab results, imaging, doctor’s reports etc., I’d recommend a full consultation.
The same applies, if you want me to give you my recommendation in regards to major medical procedures, such as surgery, dentist, medication.


Let me give you an example for a typical FIRST CONSULTATION:

A few months ago I came across a seemingly very healthy person, very energetic, successful, with a good sense of humor…
When I was contacted by his office, we agreed on a telephone consultation, in which we agreed on a
In his case I agreed to a telephone call for the history, because he didn’t have time to write it all down.

The patient’s core issue was :
Heavy Indigestion with various symptoms for…30!!! years.

He was meanwhile following a hugely strict nutrition protocol, which somehow ‘worked’ for his guts but seemed almost contrary to his sparkling personality.
Despite his extremely busy work agenda, he was fasting all day.
The food he could then eventually eat…and digest!, was incredibly limited.
It’s easy to imagine that a ‘condition’ like that would impare your life’s quality dramatically!
Due to his outstanding professional success, this man certainly had the financial means and many contacts
to seek any kind of medical advice.
Of NO avail…so far…

No wonder that his MIRACLE was:
“I simply want to live without thinking about my guts!”

The solution for this long-lasting problem could not have been any more simple!
The -distance-ART examination quickly revealed:


Please read the ‘SUMMARY of SESSION’ for this FIRST CONSULTATION.