Testimonial for a Small Consultation

“I have been a Christian all my life, successful in business and life, oblivious to the fact another paradigm may exist in our universe, I recently found myself in a place I wish nobody to be in, my relationship was on rocky ground, I had lost 7kg in 2 weeks, I was placed on benzodiazapanes and anti depressants from my GP and I could see no light in the tunnel.

I started to trust myself and discuss all my issues with friends and family and put my cards on the table, this was a turning point I will admit, however, something was still not right, you could say, still wrong even, I knew I was on a new positive course but still no light in the tunnel. I was on a weekend break with my partner in Noosa and we decided to go to the markets. We suggested get a massage, reflexology or even a clairvoyant. I didn’t feel right with any of the above at the time, however I can’t explain why or how I ended up coming across Ariane in her shop, I had no idea what she did but I trusted everything why I was there.

To keep it short, we basically discovered I had a negative energy attached to me, we ended up staying for 2.5 hours with her talking.

I was blown away, within half an hour of leaving the markets, my life had literally lifted, I don’t have the words to describe how I felt other than my life suddenly felt like a party popper wanting to explode with energy. I felt alive again.

I am still today, trying to put it all together and understand.
I can’t Thank Ariane enough.

My comment:

Well, this was a long SMALL CONSULTATION!

BUT, in fact, the diagnosis and treatment was really quickly done!
The 2 hours of chatting away were just a pleasure on both sides.
Also, there was a huge craving for…an explanation.

I’ll always take as much time as is needed.
In this case we just spent 2 hours just talking-
which was delightful but also necessary.

It is interesting that this testimonial starts with:
“I have been a Christian…”
ME TOO! There is no contradiction here!

The attacks of ‘negative energy’ and its attachment to living persons
have been happening throughout all ages.
The Bible is full of examples.
Jesus was a master in healing these ‘conditions’!

Nowadays these ‘attachments’ are unfortunately extremely common-
due to many factors in our ‘Modern Times’.
Most ‘bipolar disorders’ e.g. are caused by some kind of attachment.
The correct medical diagnosis would be: ‘possession’.
In this case it was obviously pretty easy to deal with the possession-
for reasons that can be explained clearly and easily.
There is NO ‘mystery’ behind it!
It is all about KNOWLEDGE…

I am still in loose contact with this patient.
He has so far not needed my services again!
For this patient only ONE
was life-changing, probably life-saving!