Systematic Healing

Medicine is about to miss the forest for the trees.

In the desperate hunt for ever more detailed information, both “Western” and “Alternative” Medicine are about to lose the bigger picture.

Official figures speak their own language:
Chronic illness hits us ever earlier, ever more debilitating.
We have gotten used to dying from some ‘killer-disease’ rather than from old age.
Our social security systems are breaking down under the rising costs.
Private offers, products and practice, tend to serve the vendor.

BUT: it would only take some very small steps to make a losing system a winner!
So, what do I suggest?

Believe it or not…there is a clear system behind HEALING.
HEALING is an ancient ART, which obeys to certain rules – as any other ART…as nature itself!

Music only achieves harmony by obeying its underlying structure.
A painting, as ‘modern’ as it might be- is only harmonious, when it obeys to rules of composition.
HEALING needs to follow a CLEAR STRUCTURE…in order to harmonise…our HEALTH.

There is an abundance of Medical information out there already-but it does not serve us much…YET.
This ‘overkill’ of information has created a lot of confusion, many strong opinions, and an increase of almost  religious debates.
To turn opinions and beliefs into KNOWLEDGE, we will need a clear structure, a HEALING SYSTEM.

As much as it is almost impossible to solve the simplest mathematic equation without the underlying FORMULA, we find it ever harder to solve the riddle of HEALTH… the more –unstructured!-information we are exposed to.

The good NEWS is:
Once we will be able to bind all these millions of loose ends of medical information together, to bundle them into a clear structure…a HEALING SYSTEM…religious beliefs will turn into KNOWLEDGE…and:
We are only some small steps away…
Let’s get it started!

The “New German ART of Healing” system is simple – and it works.
‘The System’ consists of 3 structural aspects:

ART The 3 Pillars of Health The Pyramid of Healing