11.1.1958 born in BERLIN
as the only child to my mother Margarete Charlotte Heller, ‘haute couture’ assistant,
and the 4th child to my father Hans Ernst Heller, Mercedes Benz engineer and entrepreneur

1958-1964 in early childhood and pre-school age I was raised in our family home in a natural
‘3-generation-household’ by my mother, grandmother and auntie.
My father, grandfather and uncle generated a nice upper middle-class income. that enabled
us to live in the best suburb of BERLIN, Berlin-Grunewald

1964-1970 Primary School in Berlin-Grunewald, ‘Grunewald-Grundschule’

1970-1976 Secondary School in Berlin-Grunewald, ‘Walther-Rathenau-Gynasium’
This Gymnasium was THE school for the Berlin elite!
1976 Abitur

1976-1983 Studies of MEDICINE, ‘Freie Universitaet Berlin’
1984 ‘Approbation’
License to practice Medicine in Germany, later EU

1984-1988 ‘Specialist in Training’ for Anaesthesia, University Hospital Berlin

1987 Marriage to Dr. Thomas Kersting
1987-1988 ‘Accompanying Wife’ for Thomas Kersting in Tabouk, Saudi-Arabia


1989-1990 Creating a ‘family-compatible’ job:
On-the-job training to sub-specialise into day-surgery, Moenchengladbach

1990-1992 Chief of Department for Anaesthesia, Lilongwe, Malawi
as a part of ‘CIM’, German high profile Development Aid

1991 Birth of my son Konstantin Frederik

1993-2008 License to participate in the German ‘Medicare’-system, ‘KV’
Throughout these 15 years I was working as an anaethetist in day-surgery
I sold my ‘Medicare’(KV)-license in 2009

1995 Birth of my daughter Antonia Sophie

1997 Separation from my husband, father to both of my children (2005 divorce)

from 1999 Developing into ‘Alternative Medicine’ with
Neural Therapy, Acupuncture, Manual Medicine(a Czech soft Chiropractic), Applied
Kinesiology (AK), Autonomic Response Testing(ART),Detox, Chronic infections,
Environmental Medicine, Mental-Field –Therapy(MFT), Psycho-Kinesiology,
‘Informative Medicine’( Dr. Ludwig), High Tech Informative Medicine devices:
e.g. the ‘Eta-Scan’ ( Physiospect), Homoeopathy, Bach-Flowers, Family Constellation,
Past Life Regressions, ‘Bio-Energetic” Healing, Epi-genetic Healing…and much more.

2003-2008 Private Practice for ‘Alternative Medicine’ in Potsdam

2007 decision to relocate to Australia
2007 I sent my son to the Sunshine Coast, Australia, hoping that he would stay-and he did!
2010 relocation to Australia with my daughter

2011 License to practise anaesthesia in Australia
2011-2012 working as an anaesthetist in Dubbo, NSW

2012-2013 Brisbane:working as a naturopath in 2 practices for ‘alternative medicine’.
2013-2014 Sunshine Coast: working as a naturopath
2015 Mackay: supporting my daughter and son-in-law during the acquisition of a little farm.
2016-2017 Sunshine Coast: working as a spiritual healer
2018 Mackay: farm work at my daughter’s.
Translation of my book from German into English:
‘The New German ART of Healing’