Follow Up Session

Sometimes it is advisable to have a FOLLOW UP SESSION

It is common sense that the longer /deeper the illness
the more likely the need for a FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION.
It includes:

1. Full ART-testing
2. Results of the ART-testing as a ‘Summary of Session’
3. Re-adjustments of the Treatment Plan, if necessary
4. More information, if required
5. Another Distance Energy Healing, if beneficial

Depending on the effort and time:

$50 – 100


Everybody is different!
Similar symptoms can have very different causes.
Therefore there is really no rule of thumb,
if at all you’ll need a FOLLOW UP and how many and when…

However, I ‘ll always try to make my patients
as independent from my services as possible.
I can give you a rough estimation after the
FIRST or even a SMALL consultation.

Most of my patients require one or two sessions,
the FIRST for the general outline and
the FOLLOW UP for some re-adjustments.

Quite often I will see my ‘old’ patients years later,
at some stage of their lives, when they need another door-opener.


Let me give you 2 examples :

1. Re-adjustment needed
Just one possible example-out of many thinkable ‘complications’:
MS, Multiple Sclerosis, is not a ‘mystery disease’.
On the physical level it is quite simply a chronic infection based on a mercury intoxication.
Once you start the detoxification, there is a time-window, when the infection tends to flare up.
MS is a pretty severe disease!
Therefore the reaction to a correct treatment can be…uncomfortable!!!
Any -temporary!!!- aggravation of the symptoms of a scary disease
(whilst the actual disease is getting better!)
can be extremely intimidating for the patient and discourage them!
Should this happen, guidance is needed!
Practically speaking: the anti-infectious treatment has to be sped up
-under a doctor, who is firm in emergency medicine!

Every efficient medical treatment bears the risk of complications!
Every anaesthesia, every surgery, every well chosen homoeopatic remedy…and so forth.
The stronger the remedy, the stronger the potentially adverse reactions.
2 examples:
Digitalis is a crazily effective heart-strengthener…used successfully for many decades now.
Its ‘therapy window’, the range between the most effective dosage and the deadly dosage…
is extremely small!
It is incredibly easy to kill someone with a tiny overdose…of this beautiful heart remedy!
Valium is the most prescribed drug in our western societies.
It works, sure. But it is weak.
You cannot even kill yourself with any overdose of valium! NO WAY. Weak remedy.
If we are talking about strong remedies…we do have to be fit for complications!
That’s all.

2. Want to open the next door?

Quite often I hear back from patients -years after the ‘first consultation’
-with or without follow up at that stage-
Let me continue the story of ‘the little police woman’ from my video:
This ‘little police woman’ was determined to get better.
After the first ray of hope she just followed my recommendations how to detox effectively for 2 years.
After all this time she came back to my practice – only ONCE:
She had literally’lost her voice’.NO tone was coming out of her throat.
Of course, she had consulted her GP, an ENT-specialist, an acupuncturist etc.
(Bear in mind: I was running a PRIVATE practice-so my patients had to PAY me:) –
you can be 100% sure that they would have tried everything to get around that before!)
When she -eventually- gave in and came to see me…
it turned out that:
When she was 6 years old, she was -forcefully- taken into an orphanage.
Her mother, who loved her!!!, was an alcoholic( for her own reasons ).
So… the ‘childcare’ authorities confiscated her only child.
The child…had only ONE desire:”Please let me go home to my mum, who loves me!”
But nobody listened to her.
She had NO VOICE!

You can be very sure that the ‘underlying conflict’ of the ‘little police woman’ was deeper than a bit of a
Mercury Intoxication.
However, she would not have been able to ever get access to this underlying ‘Unresolved Soul Conflict’,
as long as it was cluttered and hidden under the Mercury.

It’s pretty much the core of my teachings:)!!!

As a second follow up story I have chosen the report of one of my best friends.
I just like her sense of humor.
So…if you are interested in more details,
please read my old friend’s ‘patient’s report’ below.