Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is a German treatment system for acute and chronic pain and illness.

It involves the injection of local anaesthetic next to autonomic ganglia, periphal nerves, in scars, glands, trigger points and other tissues.  It is understood that Neural Therapy(NT) acts through normalizing the illness-related electrical dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System ( ANS ).

In Europe´s German speaking countries NT has become one of the most widely used treatments for chronic pain.
Switzerland has officially integrated Neural therapy in its health care system.
Even though certain Neural Therapy Procedures are widely used in the US as well (such as regional anaesthesia, epidural injections, trigger point injections), Neural Therapy as a comprehensive healing system is virtually unknown to most US-practitioners.
Even though NT is one of the cheapest and most effective therapeutic methods, it is simply unknown in many parts of the world, e.g Africa, Asia(except India)-and Australia!

Neural Therapy was developed in Germany in the early 20th century by the brothers Dr. Ferdinand and Dr. Walter Huneke, both medical doctors.
In 1925, Dr. Ferdinand Huneke gave his sister, who was suffering from migraine, an injection containing a new remedy for rheumatic diseases.
In the very moment of the injection the migraine vanished. Only one further treatment produced a lasting cure from her formerly persistent migraine that had plagued her for many years.
From this day on the Hunecke brothers dedicated their lives to the development of
a new therapeutic method:

First they found out that the active ingredient in their sister’s cure-injection had been a local anaesthetic: PROCAIN.
PROCAIN is still used by Neural Therapists today.
The main acting mechanism of Procain seems to be the stabilization of the electric voltage of our cell menbranes
– plus some desirable side-effects of the 2 main metabolites.
Once the cell-menbrane’s voltage voltage is disturbed, the cells cannot function properly any more.
Once it is restored, the cells pick up their normal functions very quickly.

In 1940, Ferdinand Huneke observed his first „lightning reaction“ and immediately recognised its therapeutic importance:
He treated a woman, who had suffered from persistent periarthritis humeroscapularis, a bad shoulder ache. Hunecke initially treated her in the same way he had helped patients in similar circumstances- without any sucess. A few weeks later she came back because her leg was inflamed with an old osteomyelitis scar. He treated the scar with procaine and saw his first „ lightning reaction“: the pain in the shoulder disappeared instantly!
In the following years he and his brother went on developing their method, now also focussing on more complex neural pathways .

In Germany Neural Therapy is widely accepted and performed, most particularly in the former East- as it is a very cheap and extremely effective therapy.
When I first got in contact with Neural Therapy some 20 years ago, I could not believe that such a good method is not used by every doctor in the whole world.
I still find it hard to understand.

NEURAL THERAPY is one of my absolute favoutites – I couldn’t do without it!!!