Patients Report

“My experiences with Neural Therapy

After having given birth to my second daughter I had a bad back-ache in the lumbar region, meanwhile for more than half a year. When my baby was crying at night, I had to roll out of bed and crawl to the children’s room.

The back-ache even got worse, when I was preparing for an important exam.

4 months after the exam, when the back-ache was still getting worse, I eventually went to see Ariane in her practice in Potsdam.

I knew Ariane since 10 years by this time, because her son had been my first and longest violin student. I have always liked her as Konstantin’s mum and have always somehow admired her-like an older sister.

Therefore I cannot tell, why it took me so long to go and see her, for sure I had very restricted time as a working mother with 2 small children.

The visit in this ‘doctor’s practice’ was impressive.

With a few muscle tests Ariane had quickly located a so-called ‘interference field’, my episiotomy scar. When she told me, that she would have to inject into the scar, I was pretty shocked. If I had not had quite a bit of trust, mainly because I knew, that after all Ariane was earning her money as an anaesthetist, I might have chosen to leave her practice, for sure without these injections…

I stayed and, after a few injections, beginning with the one mentioned above, I already felt lighter.

Ariane prescribed a detoxification program for a couple of weeks and I left her practice-

slightly caught by surprise.

I was also not sure, if I should tell my husband, that I had spent some of our money for…

the treatment.

Within 2 weeks I got rid of my back-ache and was happily wearing high heels at my birthday party.

I was pain free for 3 years.

Last year I decided to go and see Ariane again.

I have to admit, that my openness towards her ‘treatments’ should be tested once again.

Previous to my visit to the ‘doctor’s practice’ I had had two episodes of acute sciatic pain in two weeks leaving behind a bad back-ache.

Luckily I did not wait too long this time, before I made my way to Potsdam.

I was convinced that after a few of these miraculous injections…


After an interview and the ‘testing’, meanwhile Ariane was using a sort of pendulum instead of the muscle test, she told me that Neural therapy would not help in this case, because the problem was located on a different, a higher level…???

She introduced me to the idea, that it was the fear of death of my best friend, who was going to die soon, which I was carrying-for him.

I suffered very much, indeed, of the idea that I was going to loose my friend and somehow knew that Ariane was right.

Now comes:

She asked me to lay down on her examination table, gave me some purple glasses, one of the wings was missing, by the way, then I had to follow with my eyes…

Somehow she was guiding me into a sort of ritual, in which I had to speak certain sentences as if to detach my friend’s soul-I once in a while could not speak the sentence and then Ariane tried to find a sort of detour, make it easier-something like that.

I have NO idea whatsoever, how long this might have taken.

What I know for sure is:

The back-ache was gone!

But much more important and totally unexpected, I started feeling, that not only my body was cured, but that also my soul was so much lighter.

Had I reacted to the idea of his approaching death full of panic previously, I could now humbly accept that we would have to say good bye for a while and I could feel and accept my sadness.

This happened half a year before my friend died.

We had a very intensive time together and used our time to say good bye to the time we had spent here on earth together.

He died peacefully and I know, that this had only become possible through Ariane’ s treatment.

I do not have the slightest idea, what Ariane is really doing, although she explains a lot.

But I have absolute confidence in her abilities and I wish her all the best.

I have learnt a lot through her and a am more than grateful.

Berlin, October 2009

Esther Freymadl”


Some remarks:

The report was written in German.
This is my own translation into English-approved by Mrs. Freymadl.
She is a senior teacher in Berlin’s bi-lingual US-American school, JFK.

My ‘doctor’s practice’ in Potsdam was, indeed a ‘real’ doctor’s practice.
Under the German Medical Board it is absolutely possible to run a private doctor’s practice for any kind of Medicine that you have been specialising in.
Esther would have been used to a German ‘Medicare’ practice,
which is for sure very different to what I was able to offer in my private practice

Although almost 10 years old, I have chosen this report, because I like the humor.

Also will it give you an idea of how I quite often see patients only once in the first consultation and then years later, when they want to… open another door.

In 2016, Esther’s younger daughter contacted me from Germany.
Elisabeth remembered that I had once given her a homoeopathic remedy for a bee sting-
she was now suffering from a bad acne.
Homoepathy would not have done the job-but the acne is much better already…