My Vision

Let’s face the official figures!
Disease is dramatically on the rise worldwide-despite all our efforts and ‘scientific progress’.
We have become used to being ill from childhood on and to dying from some ‘killer-disease’.
Chronic dis-ease hits us ever earlier, ever more debilitating and longer lasting.
Undoubtedly this development is causing a lot of individual suffering.
Additionally our social security systems are breaking down under the constantly rising costs.

“More money for medical research!” is the worldwide outcry ‘answer’.
REALLY??? Think twice!
Have we not spent enough money already?
Have all these billions and billions produced better HEALTH???
Overall we have an estimated success rate of poor 25% in medicine-both “Western and “Alternative”.
I refer to “SUCCESS” in terms of CURE!
Modern ‘disease -management’ widely does not fulfill this one criteria!!!
Our ‘success rate’ mainly mirrors the acute cases in average.
Consequently, the success rate in our 1st world countries is even lower:
with 85% of CHRONIC disease in our Western countries our ‘success’ rate shrinks to 15% at best!!!
Didn’t Mainstream Medicine have its chance?
Are 2 centuries of ‘Medical Science’ not enough?
Are all these billions and billions, unspeakable, unthinkable amounts of money (much of it…wasted!) not enough?
Would a ‘more’… of what has not helped so far…. help now?

“Insanity is to try and get a better result with always the same means…?” Albert Einstein
Are we really that insane?
Madhouse Earth?

How come?
We place space shuttles on remote planets with precision, we construct aeroplanes, Mercedes…vacuum cleaners…
But we cannot cure a little headache?
In fact, Medicine has fallen far behind any other of the sciences!

Readers of this website will most probably be aware that huge money interests
keep Medicine back from progress:
Medicine is THE biggest marketplace on this planet, still exponentially expanding!
It is not a big secret that the ‘disease management industry’ is making their fortunes out of disease.
HEALTH does not earn them any money.
It is really as simple as that!

How does this translate into medical practice?
ANY ‘scientific’ experiment can be designed in a way that it has the desired outcome…
‘Do not trust any statistics that you have not falsified yourself’!!!
This is what I have learnt in my first year of Medical studies…
…from a mathematician, not a biased medicine professor…
‘Medical science’ is usually sponsored by ‘the industry’,
who chooses, who conducts their ‘research’.
Now, guess…why ‘medical science’ does not increase HEALTH!

ALL that has been said so far applies to most fields of ‘Alternative Medicine’ as well !!!
‘Alternative Medicine’ as practiced to date, is only one more market place- crazily rocketing…
Despite all lip-service to ‘holistic’ approaches, ‘alternative medicine’ has widely been subjected to the paradigms of
mainstream medicine
A never ending range of new ‘cure-it-all’ recipies, strong beliefs and …thousands of ‘alternative’ products are serving this
new market.
However, the outcome is poor!
Very often the only ‘alternative’ of alternative health practitioners is to disregard the basic body functions!

So…where is the way out?
I would strongly suggest that we’d change our…means, our paradigms, our perspective…
With a little…change of perspective…we could make a loosing system a winner…

We do not have to re-invent the wheel at this stage.
Everything we need is already out there-waiting for us…
We can absolutely use the many play-cards that have been given to us-
we’d ‘only’ need to re-shuffle the deck!

Undoubtedly, we are doing fairly well in regards to ACUTE DISEASE in ‘Western Medicine’!
If you have a heart attack, you’d better have it close to a good Emergency Department.
Very obviously we keep failing to provide any useful answers to…CHRONIC DISEASE.
The …attempt!… to explain chronic disease has become a domain of…so called ‘Alternative Medicine’.
But one can not be successful without the other.
It is like walking on one leg…

How about a synthesis of ‘Western Medicine’ and ‘Alternative Medicine’?
That would need a common concept, that we could all agree to
and a common language, that every doctor and health practitioner can understand and speak.
‘The System’ could be a common concept and a common language…

Currently we all speak different languages!
The surgeon does not understand the spiritual healer,
the homoeopath speaks fluently only the homoeopath language…
Every doctor, every health practitioner, all in their own little niches,
most of them only speak the language of their tribe.

Think of the Tower of Babylon!
Mankind thought that they were so much better and cleverer than God…
…that they built this Tower to Heaven…
But man needs to serve nature – not the other way round.
We have been trying to subject nature to our limited human minds for centuries now.
The outcome is pretty clear.

If we were able to change our perspective…
…from: “What do I want?” to:
“What does God (Nature) want me to do?”…
…to achieve better HEALTH…
we would most probably get much, much better results!

So…how would we KNOW…what God ( Nature ) wants us to do?
The answer is quite simple:
Don’t ask the doctor, the priest, your neighbour, the magazines, TV…

Now,once again:
If our conscious minds knew what is good for us…
…we would never become ill or take wrong decisions.
So, how would we find an access to our INNER TRUTH.
‘Enlightenment’ is certainly the best access.
But we are not there yet – MOST of us.
Still a long way to go.
How will we walk this long way?
For all of us, who are not…yet…enlightened, I simply recommend a ‘compass’.
A very reliable ‘compass’ a simple way to access YOUR INNER KNOWLEDGE is

Every doctor and every health practitioner can learn ART…
…and-with the help of ART-use their specific skills to lead you in the right direction…
YOUR direction!
It really could be as simple as that!!!
Imagine we could use all our skills-
not to feed the misleading’diseases management mammon’…but
the God of HEALTH

Only when we re-unite SCIENCE and SPIRIT we will be able to…
This is

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