“If I could make miracles happen, what would be YOUR MIRACLE?”

Please write down the answer that FIRST comes to your mind, when you read this question!
It does not matter, if your answer sounds somehow strange to you at second thought…please stick to your FIRST version.
Also it does not matter, if YOUR MIRACLE is seemingly unrelated to the medical problem you want to get solved.
When you consult me, I would like to know YOUR MIRACLE first.

To be very clear here:
Only YOU can!
But I will try my best to help YOU on the way, to give you some
This is almost opposite to any ‘miraculous healing’.
Ordinary Miracles can take a fair bit of work…YOUR work!
YOU will have to do the biggest part of the job!

For my part of this job I would like to know:
Your full name and Date of Birth
The medical problem that you want me to look at
A brief medical history – related and (seemingly) unrelated to this problem
What have you done so far in regards to this problem- what was the outcome?
If available: doctor’s reports, lab-results, imaging

On your request and with your permission I can then access YOUR INNER KNOWLEDGE with
Autonomic Response Testing can be done in person or from the distance-with the same results.
This phenomenon applies to any kind of ‘Informative Medicine’.
As much as we can speak to persons over far distances with our mobile phones,
I can access ‘your inner knowledge’ where ever you are-
provided that you give me your permission.
This is, in fact, very comparable to simply knowing your ‘telephone number’ and making a ‘call’.

After a thorough ART examination I can tell you:
-The main cause(s) of your actual problem and their best treatment(s)
-A clear ranking of ‘To Do’s’( including the best scheduling of operations, dentist appointments etc)
-Which of your actual treatments are useful, useless or even potentially or obviously harmful!!!

Usually I will leave you on your Western Medicine medication for a while,
until you can reduce it or leave it out.
Once your condition is getting better,
any change in your Western Medicine protocol can then be reconsidered.
And it won’t be your doctor’s opinion or…my opinion…
The only person, who really KNOWS, if you can reduce or even omit any medication or treatment, is

Should you see an ‘alternative’ health practitioner…
Judge yourself!
Has it actually helped you?
A good idea or a nice person…is not good enough.
What has helped your friends, might not be the right choice for…

Should you have tried a bit of DIY so far:
In most cases any kind of ‘alternative’ self-medication is expensive and super in-effective.
As those ‘health-products’ usually are not covered by any health insurance,
it is obviously desirable to cut them down to what is useful.
I will give you a very clear recommendation which -very few!- products actually work for…

I’m more than happy to refer to other therapists, in both ‘alternative’ and ‘western’ medicine.
Is this this diagnostic, treatment, therapist useful for…

All this information can be obtained with…ART.
After the first consultation usually all these confusing jigsaw puzzle pieces of ‘syndroms’ and symptoms,
lab results, specialists’ opinions, health practitioners’ beliefs, promising products and protocols…
…will fall into place…
It is common sense that one consultation will – in most cases- not solve all your problems!
But it will for sure give you some clarity, a new perspective, a clear direction and a fresh start.

The pathways out of disease and back to HEALTH can be as different as…
Everybody is different!
For some of us, miracles happen over night, for others it can take many lifetimes.
No matter, how long your HEALTH journey will take-
it is unquestionably good to travel in the right direction!

Let me ‘only’ be your
through the maze of opinions.
YOU will always be the captain!
Do not worry about the road ahead.
Just take the first step!
“Every journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.” Lao Tse