Epigenetic Energy Healing

You might not expect ‘Energy Healing’ from a Medical Doctor.
In fact, ENERGY HEALING has become my favorite method.

Every dis-ease goes hand-in-hand with a lack of energy.
Everybody, who has been ill for a while, feels tired, right?
If we are tired, we are most obviously… lacking energy.
No matter what you call this simple fact, be it ‘fatigue’, ‘burn out’ or ‘depression’, we will probably be able to agree that all those posh modern words are just another word for being tired or exhausted…or:
lacking energy!

One of our most fundamental –and widely accepted- laws of physics says:

If we apply this fundamental law to our own lack of energy, wouldn’t it be a good idea to ask:
“Where is my energy going to?”
And wouldn’t it also be a very good idea to replace this lost energy as long as you are trying to identify the leak???
Depending on circumstances it can take a fair bit of time to find our energy-leaks and even more time to close them.
What do you do in the meantime?
The less energy you have the less you will be able to find out, where it’s getting lost…, because you’re too tired…
Can you sense the vicious circle here?

I have been working in Emergency Medicine for more than a decade.
As we all know, we will have to treat a blood loss ‘symptomatically’ (with blood!) first . Once the ‘blood-leak’ is identified and the surgeon has closed the wound, once this ‘causal’ treatment was successful, you can then slow down or stop the blood-transfusion.
What sense would it make to watch somebody bleeding out, because-in the back of your mind- you will know that there is a ‘deeper-surgical- cause’ to the person’s bleeding?
So, why not use an ‘energy transfusion’ as a sophisticated ‘symptomatic’ treatment, like an ‘energy transfusion’???

Moreover, ENERGY HEALING can be used as a hugely effective ’causal’ treatment!
The depths that can be reached with this method, depend –like in any other method!- on the personal and professional development of the therapist.
In any field of Medicine a therapist can only heal in others what has been healed in themselves.
It is common sense that psychotherapists, for instance, cannot help their clients as long as they have the same unresolved problem, usually subconsciously…
There is a fundamental rule in Medicine:
Always be a tiny bit healthier than your healthiest client!!!

This -fundamental!-rule also applies to ENERGY HEALING.
That’s why we find such a hugely wide range of what energy healing can actually achieve:
the spectrum reaches from ‘next to nothing’ to…’miracles’…
You can become a ‘Reiki-master’ after a few training weekends…sure.
Even beginners with good intentions can do some good by transferring energy to somebody in need.
Every mother, who has once put her warm hands on the aching belly of her child, knows how to ‘transfer’ energy!
However, when we are talking about complex chronic diseases the requirements in regards to the healer’s self-development can be very high…
In other words: the healer’s ‘channels’ for the universal energy are either blocked (not developed) or…open (developed).

My Russian teacher in the ART of ENERGY HEALING, Viktor Philippi, told me 10 years ago:
“With this method you can do ALL…or nothing. It will depend on YOU!”
Never would I have thought how hard it is to actually get tangible results…..in severe diseases.

It is of crucial importance for any energy healer to find their own access to the universal energy.
Our own life’s energy is limited-so we’d better not give it away, except in real emergencies.
Many good-hearted doctors, health-practitioners or healers burn out, because they give their own life’s energy away to the ones in need – mostly much more subconsciously than as a conscious decision.
Unfortunately, this sacrifice does not serve anybody!
The quality and quantity of energy that is needed to influence chronic disease cannot be provided out of a person’s own limited life’s energy…whilst…
The UNIVERSAL ENERGY is pure in its quality and unlimited in its quantity!

Let’s talk about the QUANTITY of HEALING ENERGY first;
Behind every chronic disease there is some kind of ‘black hole’ that drains the energy out of the person.
Depending on circumstances the need of energy can be moderate up to huge.
Moreover, the draining will go on until the ‘wound’ is identified and closed-sometimes a long ongoing process.
Where would a professional healer get all this energy from?
One of my best teachers ever, a Russian clairvoyant, Svetlana Moia, told me once:
“Energy is everywhere, unlimited – you only have to find your way to access it!”
I have tried my very best to follow her advice.

Now, how does the QUALITY of HEALING ENERGY influence the healing process?
Like in other walkways of life, QUALITY is more important than quantity.
Once again, we are talking about RESONANCE here.
The old classic resonance-experiment in physics nicely illustrates the phenomenon of RESONANCE:
We have two tuning forks for the same note.
Once we make only one of them vibrate (by banging it) the other fork will start vibrating without being touched.
Transposed to ENERGY HEALING:
The purer the vibrations, which we send into our patients, the more we make the pure and healthy parts in them vibrate…
Everybody, as ill as we might be, we ALL have the blue-print of perfect health deep inside us.
Who ever is able to ‘activate’ our blue-print for health, will be able to heal us.
There are -very few- real stories of how someone with e.g. ‘terminal cancer’ completely recovered by simply falling in LOVE.
Many fairy tales refer to PURE LOVE as the savior for many a dreadful situation.
But what we call ‘love’ in our Modern Times is unfortunately rarely pure…as the lovers are ill themselves…
In simple words: ENERGY HEALING is a ‘transfusion’ of LOVE.
The purer the healer’s love is developed in themselves, the more the healer’s ‘tuning forks’ send out high vibrations,
the more the -silenced- inner ‘tuning forks’ of the patient will start to vibrate…automatically.
The re-awakening of these inner vibrations can shake off all the clutter of illness and reveal the blueprint for HEALTH…

This is why the potential depth of ENERGY HEALING reaches from simply making someone feel better for a few hours to changing deep imprints as deep as to our

“Epi-genetics’ has become fashionable lately in both “Western” and “Alternative” Medicine…so far as an intelligent description of what can go wrong.
But how would we fix … epi-genetics???
A wonderful way to actually HEAL our EPI-GENETICS can be: