ART = Autonomic Response Testing

Autonomic Response Testing gives us an access to our subconscious, in other words: to our
Autonomic Nervous System, ANS.

Our ANS is the master ruler of this hugely intelligent system of body, mind and soul, which we call a human being.
An average person has estimated 100 trillion cells, 100 000 000 000 000.
If we ‘only’ had to take 1000 decisions per cell/second…, that would be 100 000 000 000 000 000 decisions per second.
Should we not be glad that only a tiny fraction of all this inner decision making comes to our conscious minds?
We do not have to make our heart beat, our lungs breathe, our liver detox.
All this is usually taken care of by our ANS, our subconscious.

On the flipside:
Once things start going ‘wrong’ inside, it can be a very good idea to consciously use this huge intelligence inside us.
If we could “ask” our ANS:
“What’s wrong?”
“How do we make it right again?”
Would you not think that an ingenious system like our subconscious, our ANS, would know the correct answer?…..

“Why then,” I hear you ask, “would this ingenious system not prevent illness in the first place?”
IT DOES. 24/7!!! Very successfully!
Only when the unhealthy factors inside and outside become too overwhelming, dis-ease can sneak in. A biological system, once overwhelmed, usually needs help from outside.
But deep inside, it will still know what has gone wrong and what kind of help it would need.

With ART, Autonomic Response Testing, we can ask our ANS to guide us.
ART is a very sophisticated form of ‘kinesiology’, developed by the GERMAN orthopaedic surgeon and integrative healer
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.
ART is most likely the BEST DIAGNOSTIC tool to date.

ART, very different too many other ‘bio-resonance’ diagnostics, gives us a clear ranking of the person’s main problems…and a clear instruction on how to fix these few core problems.
Once the –few!- underlying core problems are solved, our ANS is, indeed, more than capable to do the rest of the healing job.

We can combine ART with any kind of therapeutic approach.
YOUR own ANS will tell us, if you need surgery or detox…or possibly both…or something else…

ART is elegant, efficient and sort of easy…Medicine of the future…available HERE and NOW!