Distance is not a problem

As I prefer to live in the-fairly remote- countryside, a walk-in practice is not an option any more.
I am retired-and I enjoy any kind of farm-work as much as the work with my patients.
In fact, I need nature, simplicity, the elements and many animals around me to balance my work with the dis-eased.
Therefore you will most probably ‘meet’ me in a distance consultation/treatment.

Now, for many of you it will be easy to understand that…distance is not a problem.
I met a fair few people, for whom a ‘surrogate’ examination and treatment is a pretty common concept.

There will be others, though, who might think that this is some kind of hoax or witchcraft.
I do not intend to convince the yesterday’s hardliners.
“Everybody shall live in accordance to their built”
this is the intellectual foundation of my hometown Berlin.

There will be others, who don’t quite know what to think about this concept.
Fair enough.
Consider this:
At all times in history people have condemned what they could not understand.
“There shall be wings!”
MichelAngelo ‘knew’ that men would be able to ‘fly’ one day…
What a ‘crazy’ idea in his times!

Sending and receiving energy and information from a person in a distance
is much like making a phone call.
There is a sender and a receiver, a certain carrier wave and some information moduled onto these waves…maybe a ‘decoder’…
If you had told a highly intelligent man like Julius Caesar,
that there would be a way to speak to your commanders in all your provinces-with a little box in your hand
would he not have thought you were mad?
As much as it is not witchcraft or hoax that you can make a mobile phone call to America now,
it is pretty straight forward physics to send energy to  and receive information from a distant patient.

“Who heals, is right!” Hyppocrates.
This famous quote has been much used by many, also by Samual Hahnemann, the ingenious founder of Homoepathy
200 years ago this great man had no idea, HOW homoeopathy could work.
But he knew that it did WORK.
Only now, we are just starting to understand HOW homoeopathy works.

So, even, if we might not fully understand the HOW exactly Distance Healing works – YET,
over time we will!
Albert Einstein postulated ‘gravitation waves
They have been scientifically proven in 2016, ‘only’ 100 years after he was awarded the Nobel Prize.
The Earth is also really not flat!

For sure distance healing is not some sort of witchcraft!
There is absolutely enough evidence that