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I prefer to live in areas of the world, which do not have much mobile phone reception!
Moreover, I don’t carry my mobile on me.
Additionally, I never take any calls directly, except for appointments.
What makes things ‘worse’: I despise ‘social media’.
For me this is one of the most anti-social creations that I can imagine so far.

You might think that I have some sort of EMF -phobia?
Well…without any doubt EMF is causing unspeakable illness all around the globe.
From a little autism to big brain tumors…the range is wide.
What seems even worse to me:
We all feel that there has been a rapid decline in intelligence over the past 25 years.
Our overall intelligence is still plummeting!!!
Every old and experienced teacher knows that.
So, yes, I am very aware of the hugely damaging potential of the EMFs!

But, actually, for myself…I don’t worry about it too much:)!
As a really genuinely healthy person, EMF has next to zero effect on me…

Let me tell you another little story here:
Once upon a time…
…when I was practicing in my ‘alternative medicine practice’ in Potsdam near Berlin…
my best friend owned the health food supermarket downstairs from my practice.
Kerstin and I were much on the same page in regards to life…and medicine.
So, we would stick our heads together after working hours for our own little experiments on…many issues of interest.

One day Kerstin presented me with her brand new i-phone.
The -back then!- pretty new thing did not impress me much-I was merely rolling my eyes.
Kerstin would only be one more victim!

I had been working a lot in ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE in those days and I had seen… enough!
Enough suffering, damage, disease, disability…caused or facilitated by mobile phones!!!
Kerstin, as a very conscious and very well educated and hugely successful protagonist of oecological living,
absolutely understood where I was coming from.
However, she liked her new i-phone.
And, much more importantly, she was convinced that the EMF would not be able to harm HER!
So, she talked me into a personal bet:
If she could prove that this i-phone did not do any harm to HER, I would have to buy her a carton of champagne.
What an easy bet!
Over the past 3 years I had not seen ONE patient,
who would NOT have been severely -negatively!- affected by their mobile phones.
Well…to sum it up:
I had to buy a fair bit of champagne in the end………….

How come?
I used to have a very simple ART-screening- test in regards to the mobile phone question:
People usually do not ‘believe’ in anything they cannot see or touch.
Also,… the health problems that are caused by EMF seem sort of unrelated.
So, how to convince them?
You can do this screening test yourself:
Switch off all WiFi and mobile phones!
Get a helper-it can be a child. This is not… about body strength!
Stretch out your arm, straight.
Now, ask the helper to push your arm down, whilst you resist and hold the arm in its position.
Do a pre-test:
Say ‘BAD’ -and the arm will become weak.
Say ‘GOOD’ and the arm will stay strong.
If this does NOT work 100%, there is a major disturbance in your ANS-so you cannot expect valid results!!!
STOP testing here!
If the pre-test works ok, you can now start the ‘experiment’:
Switch on your mobile phone and put it next to you, where you would usually carry it.
The -formerly strong!-arm WILL become weak. 99,9% guarantee.
What makes us weak, makes us weak.
And…who wants to weaken themselves???
It is really as simple as that!

There are other more elaborate tests, of course, big and modern bio-resonance machines, all that.
I once in a while use these machines to convince people to either abstain from their habits or better:
to buy an EMF-shielding.
But the little -for free- screening test does 95% of the job!

When I did the screening test with Kerstin,
100% convinced that I would win the champagne…
Kerstin’s arm remained strong!
Was this some kind of very sneaky blockage???
A strong blockage could fake a YES or a GOOD- as a falsly strong arm…
Kerstin’s arm was genuinely and healthily strong-
with her new i-phone on her belly!
This means in other words:
The i-phone did not affect my friend Kerstin at all!!!
Kerstin, being the super-conscious and healthy person she was, was somehow above IT…

This day was a turning point
in my attitude towards EMF
and medicine and life!

I all of a sudden clearly understood:
we cannot ever win the fight against the Evil by fighting it or shielding us or…
The only thing we can really do is to strengthen ourselves.
This is an old concept, I know.
But very few really understand it and next to nobody lives it.

So…we can not really change the EMF-exposure.
Also the shielding has side effects…as many shields also filter the beneficial electromagnetic waves!
The only sustainable way to protect ourselves…
is to become healthier persons!

Over the years I have understood that there are factors,
which severely aggravate the unquestionable dangers of EMF.
The chronic heavy metal poisoning surely is THE factor, which stands out!
If every cell acts like a little antennae…
guess, if this could potentially aggravate an electro-magnetic phenomenon!
On the flip-side:
Without any heavy metal poisoning in ourselves the EMF don’t do much harm to us.
So, after a good detox you can have your iphone back.
Or: if you really vitally need it during the detox process, use a -temporary-shielding.
It is really as simple as that!

So, I am in peace with my mobile phone.

The reasons, why I use it in a very restricted way:
1. I have never had the desire to use it more!
2. I’ve got much better things to do-mobile phones can easily eat up our time
3. I certainly do not want people to invade my personal space at any time.
You will have noticed that I’m not ‘on Facebook’-I hardly know what that is.
‘Social Media’ of any kind in my eyes is one of the most unsocial ways of communication that I have come across so far in my life.
If you need someone to hold your hand tomorrow, how many of your 4000 facebook ‘friends’ will be there?

So, please send an EMAIL!