There are many substances on this planet, which certainly do not belong in our bodies
but still enter it pretty regularly.
They are called ‘xenobiotics’ , meaning strangers (xeno) to our living systems (bios).
Our bodies are able to deal with many of the xenobiotics astonishingly well by metabolisation and excretion.
However, there are some substances, which are prone to accumulate and poison our organism.

The most common and most dangerous chronic poisoning for meanwhile decades, even centuries, is:
the chronic MERCURY poisoning.
Let me therefore take it as an example:
There is a lot of confusion in regards to the chronic mercury poisoning but things are really pretty easy:
Mercury is a strong poison, a potent neuro-toxin.
Whilst the acute poisoning comes along with well-defined symptoms, the chronic poisoning can cause many unclear symptoms. Mercury is a co-factor to many diseases. Due to its particular affinity to the nervous system it causes more neurological/psychiatric diseases like autism, electro-sensitivity,MS, Parkinson’s disease etc. but it can also cause any other disorder like allergies or Crohn’s disease or cancer.

How does this happen?
Mercury has a strong affinity to sulfur- in nature we often find it as HgS, cinnabar.
The components of our body proteins, the amino acids have sulfur in their molecules.
Therefore Mercury ‘likes’ our body proteins.
Since we have proteins everywhere, such as structure proteins like the collagen in our connective tissue or enzymes everywhere…Mercury can cause trouble everywhere.
Hence Mercury causes or facilitates a large diversity of symptoms and diseases.
Like any other toxin, mercury will accumulate in the weakest parts of our bodies.
Its affinity to the nervous system is based on an additional mechanism:
Once it has entered a nerve cell, it is ‘trapped’ and cannot get out any more.
Therefore it is the cause, at least a co-factor, of many neurological diseases.

What can be done?
There are a few detoxification protocols, which actually work.
For a proper detoxification it is obviously crucial to diagnose the intoxication first.
Since the mercury sticks to our proteins and is trapped in our nerve cells, we will not find it in the blood, urine or in a hair analysis. Therefore most conventional screenings are falsely negative!!!
You will be able to guess that you can find mercury as much as any other toxin with the help of ART better than with any other diagnostics.

Indeed, ART is the best method not only to diagnose any intoxication, but also to find out precisely, where the toxin is hiding and to monitor the detoxing process.
With a proper detox protocol and narrow monitoring of the detox process even severe neurological diseases, which are mainly caused by a mercury or other intoxication can be cured.
The key to success is once again…

ART !!!