Your Health

is at stake?

You have been unwell for a while?
You might have been diagnosed with some dis-ease?
You might just want to improve your health and well-being?

Where to start?

Most probably you will have tried this and that already?
“Western” Medicine at your local GP, advanced “Western” Medicine at some specialist, a bit of “Alternative” Medicine here and there, maybe even a meditation retreat or two…
Possibly you’ll have a few ‘self-healing’ books in your shelve and you will have made a couple of pilgrimages to a health food store or the ‘natural health’ section at your closest chemist.

It is very likely that you will have asked… 100 people…and received 150 strong opinions.
Your GP tells you this, the specialist that, the health practitioner something else.
The health food shop sells you this, the chemist that.
Your neighbour has had a stunning experience here and your best friend just ‘knows’ that you should go…there…
All these various recommendations will have cost you a lot…a lot of time, hope and money.

Wouldn’t it be good, if there was an unbiased approach?
If there was some kind of reliable way to find out what YOU really need…

The good NEWS is:
There is a clear pathway to HEALTH – for everybody.
This pathway is inside yourself!

You might have heard that before?
You even quite like the idea?
Now, how would you find this inner pathway???

Usually…what we can really grasp with our conscious minds, does not make us ill.
Dis-ease is hiding in our subconscious.
Hence… any opinions. your own, your friends’, your doctor’s…are prone to lead astray.
The only ‘authority’ you can really trust…is YOUR INNER VOICE, your own subconscious mind!

One of the very best ways to access our subconscious mind is: ART, Autonomic Response Testing.

Once we are able to ask YOUR subconscious:
“What’s wrong inside?” and more importantly:
“How do we ‘fix’ it?”…
…you will soon be on YOUR individual pathway back to YOUR HEALTH…