Science and Spirit

“Once we will be able to re-unite SCIENCE and SPIRIT, we will be able to HEAL.”

“Cogito ergo sum”, “Je pense, donc je suis” in English: ”I think, therefore I am”
This famous sentence by Rene Decartes, the ingeniuous 17th century French philosopher, mathematician and scientist,
is one of the cornerstones of the scientific revolution,
with a strong influence on SCIENCE ever since.
Without any doubt one of Decartes’ huge merits is to kick-start the development of science, also medical science,
without the blindfolds of perception, emotion, beliefs, religion and superstition.
Decartes has truly triggered the “Age of Enlightenment”.

Interestingly, the “Age of Enlightenment” translates into German and French very differently:
The “Age of ‘Clarification’” comes much closer to what actually happened.
We are still striving for enlightenment!

‘Clarification’ was certainly much needed! ‘Rationalism’ had its first victories.
After the so long Dark Middle Ages the ‘old’ medical knowledge was almost eradicated.
Most people, who knew a bit more about the laws of nature, had been burnt as ‘witches’ by then.
This knowledge-vacuum was filled with many strange ideas that were totally out of any reason.
“Don’t drink, when you have Cholera!” was one of them…
We know now that you die of Cholera by de-hydration.
The ‘Cholera-doctrine’ and a fair few others of the kind were -seriously!- taught at Universities…
Thank God that great thinkers, like Decartes and those, who were influenced by him, and many others to follow,
eventually made an end to religious ‘Irrationalism’.

BUT: this –back then, 17th century!-so new ‘rationalistic’ approach is old now, much too old!
Like so often in history, the pendulum has swung from one extreme to the other in the past
500 years:
In Decartes’ times the pendulum of Medicine had obviously swung out of bounds into religious superstition.
It was the time of the huge pandemics, like the Plague or Cholera.
New and -back then- modern concepts were urgently needed to deal with these challenges.
In those days it was probably quite helpful to bring more ‘ratio’ into life.

In regards to Medicine, Decartes and his time stand for the strict separation of mind and body.
To look at the body as a mere machine…was NEW…back then.
To separate body and mind…was a truly NEW concept.
500 years ago this –artificial!- separation might have been really useful.
We will never know-as there is no final rehearsal for history.

What we do know:
Huge progress has been made in Medicine in the past 500 years!
In hindsight this progress seems to be facilitated by predominantly focusing on the body.
But now, half a millennium later, the pendulum has clearly swung out of bounds to the other end…

We are more than our bodies.
Our LIVING Bodies are NOT a dead machine!!!
Our minds and intellect are not as clever as we…think.
What is in the reach of our conscious minds, even of the most intelligent ones!, is very little.
It is very little in comparison to our INNER KNOWLEDGE, the wisdom of our… SOULS.

Now, 500 years after Decartes, we’d better make the pendulum of history swing back…to normal.
The Middle Course has often proven as the pathway to
Why wouldn’t it now?
All extremes have failed so far.
Extremes have always caused destruction.
So, why carry on with extremist positions in Medicine?

In the desperate hunt for ever more detailed information in SCIENCE…
Medicine has lost the bigger picture!
There are laws of nature in place, which we’d better re-consider.
As much as we cannot solve the simplest math equation without the underlying formula,
we find it ever harder to solve the ‘riddle’ of HEALTH without the underlying structure.
The KNOWLEDGE of the -fairly simple!-laws of SPIRIT
would enable us to combine all these millions of loose jigsaw puzzle pieces of medical information
into a bigger picture…
to transform

Is medicine not the core of all sciences?
Does anything count, if you are not healthy???
The capitalist markets and their protagonists know this simple truth very well.
The Medicine-market has already overtaken the IT-market worldwide-and it is still on the rise.
In other words: HUGE, unspeakably huge, profits are made from dis-ease.
This is not so new to many of you, I know.
I just have to mention it, because-out of this context-it would not make any ‘sense’ that Medicine is the most under-developed ‘science’ on this planet…in fact it is no science anymore!

You might have read the great article about ‘Lies, damned lies in medical science’?
You might want to read how ‘spirit’ responds through Kryon…
I would like to introduce you to the Middle Course.

We do not have to re-invent the wheel!!!
There is already a huge amount of beautiful medical science on this planet-much of it even published in the ‘big’ medical journals.
It has only been pushed under the carpet, when it did not serve the ‘medical industry’
Therefore almost none of the really good research has ever entered medical practice at large…or at all.
There are already many spiritually gifted persons on our crazy planet.
Most of them do not have any valuable medical education-YET.
We’d ‘only’ have to make better use of what we have got!

How would we do this?
Let’s try it the GERMAN way!
‘MADE IN GERMANY’ is a good brand.
It stands for solid tradition and creative innovation.
As we all know, some of the deepest thinkers, best musicians and truly innovative scientists are Germans.

has produced a large number of the world’s best and most influential physicians:
Robert Koch and Ferdinand Sauerbruch
Siegmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung
Samuel Hahnemann and the Hunecke brothers.
The list is endless.

stands for:
solid tradition and creative innovation
craft and inspiration

HEALING is an ancient ART!
Like any other ART, HEALING need both:
tradition and innovation
craft and inspiration

Many people listen to prophecies in our so confusing times.
Some are true prophets and many are false-by their fruits ye shall know them!
One of the -most hopefully true!!!- 20th century ‘prophecies’ is made by a German medical doctor, Karl Christoph Struenckmann:

“It is my belief, that there is a calling for the German people to develop –step by step- a
“New German ART of Healing”.
This ‘German Medicine of the Future’ will manifest as soon as a synthesis will be made between the spiritual knowledge of our health practitioners and the scientific knowledge of University Medicine.”
From deep inside my SOUL I simply KNOW that Karl Struenckmann was right:

“Once we will be able to re-unite SCIENCE and SPIRIT, we will be able to HEAL”