Autonomic Response Testing


ART is a very sophisticated form of ‘kinesiology’.

Kinesiology, as many of us know, is usually performed as some sort of muscle testing.
Originating from John Goodhard’s “Applied Kinesiology” (AK) in 1964, many different schools of kinesiology have been founded, many different types of kinesiology have been practiced and refined over the past 50 years.
The concept of ‘bio-resonance’, e.g. ’kinesiology’, has entered many walkways of “Alternative Medicine”.

So, how does ART stand out?
ART simply has more structure!
Hence it is much easier to teach, learn and perform.
More importantly, ART delivers extremely valid and reliable results.

The fundamental difference between ART and other forms of ‘kinesiology’, AK included!, is based on a ‘simple’ reasoning:
If we are working with the ANS, Autonomic Nervous System, and if we want to ‘ask’ the ANS:
“What’s wrong?” and: “How do we get it right?”
…should we not –in the first place-make sure that our ANS is able to answer at all???

Indeed, there are some factors, which can ‘paralyse’ our ANS, they cause a ‘blockage’.
Any of these major blockages will impair our health and…the ability of our ANS to communicate with us.
We will then get wrong or semi-true, in any case misleading results!!!
Hence it is crucial to identify and treat these major blockages in the first place.
Therefore our very first ART- kinesiology -‘question(s)’ will always be:
“Dear ANS, are you at all able to communicate with us?”

If we get a ‘NO’ or ‘NOT 100%’, we will FIRST, before any further testing!, have to identify the blockages that impair our ANS (and our health!!!) and treat these blockages accordingly .
To muscle test an ANS that is not responsive can easily lead astray!
‘I have ‘had’ some kinesiology, but it didn’t work!’
This is why.
Identifying and healing the major blockages FIRST…this is the ART of Autonomic Response Testing…

ART, as it is performed to date, has been developed by the German orthopaedic surgeon and integrative healer
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.
It is one of Dr. Klinghardt’s biggest merits that he has simplified the search for the possible cause(s) of ANS-blockages dramatically!
Out of all these millions of thinkable causes Dr. Klinghardt has distilled his ‘7 factors’.
It is obvious that it is much easier and more feasible to look for 7 possible problems than for millions.
ART makes life much, much easier, fulfilling and successful– for both patient and therapist.

After having worked in a quite orthodox Klinghardt manner for a decade, I have gradually come to group possible ANS-blockages into 3 categories (with 3 sub-sections each), represented in the
“3 Pillars of Health”.