is an active process!

This process usually takes place at the fringes of our conscious mind.
HEALING is usually facilitated by ‘understanding’, ‘learning’ and ‘personal growth’.

As much as certainly nobody would consciously ‘chose’ to be ill, our –hugely intelligent!-subconscious will always know better:
Any diseases, accidents included, are nothing but a warning…a forceful way to make us understand… that we have somewhere and somehow lost track, that we have lost our inner truth, our dreams, our path.
If we are able to take any dis-ease as a chance for possible changes to the better… if we are open to new and often unexpected answers… Miracles can happen!

These personal miracles are almost opposite to so called ‘miraculous healing’!
Ordinary miracles can take a lot of work!

Therefore the most sophisticated diagnostic or the latest ultra-modern therapy can ‘only’ assist you in your individual healing process. In this sense self-healing efforts are certainly necessary.
But ‘self-healing’ does not equal ‘DIY’!
We all need help at some stage of our self-healing process.
It is, in fact, the doctor’s only purpose to help you in a clear and targeted way…

I won’t ask you to just follow another ‘opinion’, one more on your list of attempts…
In science we operate with KNOWLEDGE.
Let me show you the access to YOUR INNER KNOWLEDGE!

It is common sense that some of your ‘INNER KNOWLEDGE’ in regards to Medicine will have to be translated into some medical terms, a prescription, a treatment plan or some kind of therapy.
This MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE is obviously the therapist’s input.
Once we can match the MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE with your INNER KNOWLEDGE…
this will ‘resonate’ with you.
We can measure the degree of resonance –with ART, our ‘bio-resonance’ diagnostic.
More importantly, you will feel this resonance – it simply feels true.

Once you are reassured that you are following your own truth, you will feel encouraged to take another chance.

HEALING alongside YOUR inner truth is usually very satisfying, very affordable and can create a lot of joy and happiness.
With a little extra-effort …miracles do happen!

YOUR healing is YOUR miracle!
Therefore…it has become my favourite first question:
“If I could help miracles happen, what would be YOUR MIRACLE?”