It is unquestionable that homoeopathy works – there is enough evidence for it.
But certainly it works in a way that is not easy to comprehend at first.

The most frequently asked question is:
“How can homoeopathy possibly work, if the remedies are so diluted that there is no actual substance in it?”
Let me answer with a question:
“How can a word, a speech, a film or a piece of music have an effect on us, even though they are immaterial?”
Information has an effect. That’s all there is to it.

There is a lot of literature about Homoeopathy available already. Let me therefore focus on some personal insights:
It is quite a common concept that water is able to ‘store’ information, the water’s ‘memory’.
It is another common concept that water is building so called ‘clusters’, which are held together by the hydrogen bindings between its molecules.
The water clusters change depending on the information, which the water has come in contact with…

Too much theory?
In my opinion, the most beautiful and tangible research has been published by a Japanese scientist: Professor Masaru Emoto.
I’m well aware that his work has not been accepted during his life-time…that’s why I keep presenting it. It is wonderful and true and its acceptance will come soon.
Professor Masaru’s basic idea was:
If we’d be able to freeze water in a way that you can see the single ‘snow flakes’, you might be able to make it visible, if and how the structure of water can be influenced.
After having designed a device, which separates the snow flakes in the freezing process, he made simply stunning findings:
The ‘better’ the influence on the water the more beautiful and structured the snow flake.
These ‘influences’ could be either physical or informational:
The snow flakes from a clear mountain spring would be very even and pretty, whereas the snow flakes from a polluted river are sort of crippled, uneven, ugly.

What is more interesting for homoeopathy:
If you expose water to a beautiful music the snow flakes become more beautiful.
If exposed to violent and dark music the water’s snow flakes become crippled.

Summing it up:
Water changes its structure according to the information, which it is exposed to.
Professor Emoto has made these changes visible for the world.
The human body consists of more than 60% water in average, blood 92%, brain and muscles 75%, bones 22%.
Isn’t it more than likely that information can change our body water’s memory?
It can.
Homoeopathy is nothing but powerful information.


Why then does Homoeopathy NOT ALWAYS work?
Most of us have heard one or two stories of almost miraculous healings due to homoeopathy.
But unfortunately there are also quite a few stories where it did not work.

In fact, homoeopathy does not always work-at least not in this kind of way, which we will be after, when we consult a homoeopath:
Most of us will expect that with the right homoeopathic remedy all our problems will disappear ‘miraculously’. Well, sometimes they do…and sometimes unfortunately THEY DO NOT!

Even the genius founder of homoeopathy, the German Medical Doctor Dr. Samuel Hahnemann observed that sometimes his so stunningly successful method just failed.
Over the decades he came to the conclusion that chronic diseases were prone to produce these failures. Hence he postulated that there might be something deeper causes going along with chronic diseases, which he called ‘miasma’.
This ‘miasma’, according to Hahnemann would have to be treated first, in order to make the organism receptive for homoeopathy at all.

Dr. Hahnemann is one of my idols-and my idol was right.
However, his original teachings are 200 years old – wouldn’t it be worth adapting them to modern science?
There is a big difference between an acute and a chronic disease. The major mistake of ‘Western Medicine’ is to try and cure complicated chronic diseases with the fairly simple rules of acute diseases.
Therefore it is more than genius that Dr. Hahnemann saw this difference so long ago and dedicated the last decades of his life to the studies of chronic diseases.
But, as a child of his time, Dr. Hahnemann (and the majority of homoeopaths to date!)
focused only on chronic infectious diseases as a hindrance to healing.

Once again he was right! Chronic infections can be a blockage, which might cause a failure of homoeopathic treatment. But they are only ONE factor out of quite a few.
Other possible hindrances are: heavy metal intoxication, electro-smog, unresolved soul conflicts, trans-generational problems in the family system, curses…and some more.
All these ‘miasmatic’ healing hindrances cause a blockage of our Autonomous Nervous System (ANS). Any kind of Healing needs a responsive ANS, though.

A ‘soft’ method like homoeopathy can usually not break a heavy blockage…
Therefore: If the ANS is severely blocked, it will not respond properly to homoeopathy.
That is, in simple words, why Homoeopathy does not always work.
The same applies to Acupuncture, by the way, and other ‘soft’ methods.

How then would we know, if a system is responsive enough?
You might guess my answer:
Use ART!
The standard pre-test of ART will ask precisely these questions:
“Are you, ANS, responsive at all?” ”If not, what can break your major blockage?”
Once the –hard-blockage is treated, the ‘system’, our ANS, becomes responsive to the fine stimuli of