I will not so much recommend a certain kind of therapy here.

Every therapist should follow their own interest and inclination-that will make them successful in their own field of expertise.
We absolutely need to make use of the whole spectrum…
from the tough emergency doctor to the spiritual healer.

Every patient will need a different approach-according to their personal problems and preferences.
Hence every therapy, that will contribute to HEALTH, is very welcome…to ‘The System’!
However, there are some therapies more efficient for the major blockages than others.
These are closely linked to the basic teachings of ART.
Most of those basic ART- therapies are just more prone to solve the major ‘blockages’ that can befall our ANS.
Therefore these therapies have become my favourite ones: they are elegant and very effective.

Let me give you one example:
Heavy Metal Intoxication, mostly MERCURY poisoning, has become one of the most common co-factor of chronic disease worldwide.
This core problem is widely underestimated or ignored by both Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine!
That’s why I keep mentioning it!!!
Whatever specific problems might impair a person’s health…these specifics cannot be accessed and treated without treating the MERCURY intoxication in the FIRST place.
Any other diagnostic and treatment, as sophisticated as they might be, will only ‘beat around the bush’, whilst the core problem remains untouched…
A chronic Mercury intoxication usually escapes standard diagnostics, ”Western” as much as “Alternative”. Falsly negative results are extremely common.
The most reliable diagnostic and therapy for heavy metals is…ART… and therapies related to ART.
Heavy metals accumulate in areas of our body, where some kind of neural disturbance has weakened our self-cleansing abilities. As heavy metals create a ‘dirty’ terrain, chronic infections are more likely.

Here we go back to the ‘3 Pillars of Health’:
Depending on the priorities of our ‘system’, we should treat the infection, the underlying ‘USC’(Unresolved Soul Conflict) and the intoxication as soon as possible.
ART will guide us through this process by giving us a clear ranking.
Out of experience I would say that usually Mercury shows up the most urgent.

My personal selection of favourite therapies reflects the overall need to deal with today’s major ANS-blockages FIRST,
BEFORE even starting with any of the therapist’s favourites.

Neural Therapy, for instance, is quite similar to Acupuncture, yet more modern and way stronger.
Neural Therapy CAN break a major blockage in the ‘Pillar’ of the Nervous System, Acupuncture usually cannot-as it’s much finer…as…3000 years ago medical problems were…much finer!
After some good –modern-Neural Therapy the fine stimuli of –good old- Acupuncture might be just right…

I have been specializing over time into the big, if not huge ANS-blockages.
Consequently I will focus here on the basic tools for the big and huge blockages.
Once again: these major blockages will have to be addressed FIRST.
Only thereafter any kind of nice nutrition, herbs, bush flower, acupuncture, massage…will have a real chance!

Summing it up:
My favourite therapies have proven to be very useful to break today’s major blockages.
After the main blockages are treated, any additional therapies and/or the patient’s self-healing powers will get a fair chance…