My Story

When I started to study Medicine in my home town Berlin in 1976, I was a true child of my times:
I was determined to change the world…as a medical doctor…’simply’ by HEALING many patients.

Very quickly I should understand:
HEALING is NOT the purpose of medical studies!
HEALING is , in fact, not the purpose of the global ‘disease management’ industry!

Throughout my studies and many years to come…I just KNEW:
“Something in Medicine is going terribly wrong!”
But, like so many other ‘rebels’, I had no clue of what is actually… right…

Browsing through any ‘alternative’ to university medicine that I could get hold of during my studies,
I still could not find any satisfying answers.
What ever I tried out in the field of ‘Alternative Medicine’ back then was in the range of
simply not good enough to utterly crazy:
Homoeopathy, for instance, with its ultra-modern concept, has a success rate of 25%.
This reflects roughly the acute cases.
Western Medicine is good in acute medicine as well…often better!
Not good enough.
‘Anti-Psychiatry’ was very fashionable in the intellectual circles of Western Europe back then.
Michel Foucault,the great French philosopher of the post war aera, was one of its protagonists.
One of the centers of ‘Anti-Psychiatry’ was Arezzo in Italy.
When I volunteered in Arezzo in the late seventies, my personal judgement of this experiment was:
utterly crazy!
They had basically simply opened the doors of a big madhouse, so that the whole beautiful little town was flooded with truly mad people, untreated.
Even big thinkers like Foucault and Gilles Deleuze knew what was going WRONG.
But like so many other ‘rebels’ of those days they had no clue what …is RIGHT!

If these big thinkers, and so many others!, did not know the answers, how would I?
Berlin has traditionally been the capital of free spirits and solid German science.
If I did not find a professional home there, I would not find it anywhere…

So, eventually I gave in and became a –very successful!!! – member of the mainstream medicine community-
as a high profile anaesthetist in a posh private clinic in Berlin’s richest suburb, Berlin Grunewald…

In my mid-thirties I had ‘made it’:
Married to an outstandingly successful and rich hospital manager, 2 beautiful children, driving Porsche and flying private aeroplanes, playing golf all around the world…

At the age of 37…I had been riding in a sports-car-with the warm wind in my hair through Paris many times…
I was as saturated and content as you can imagine…but I was not HAPPY!

At the age of 37…I ‘suddenly’ found myself stuck in bed with a back-ache so bad that I could not get up…
This -very uncomfortable!- back-ache, at the peak of my social and material ‘success’, ‘security’ and… ‘comfort’…
was most probably the best that ever happened to me!
‘All of a sudden’ I was forced once again to decide:
Did I really want to sell my dreams for ‘security’ and ‘comfort’?
I might have- as it was sooo ‘comfortable’- but my body spoke a different language:
‘Comfort’ all of a sudden had become very uncomfortable with this debilitating back-ache!
And the only ‘security’ I really had was my pain…………….
So…I decided to leave the sports car behind…and walk into an uncertain future…pain-free.

Not finding any answers in this ‘perfect’ world of Western Medicine, which I had become an integral part of…
I once again started searching …for alternatives…
Once again I set sails for my personal and professional journey, which turned into quite an Odyssey at times.
Luckily I have been much guided by Higher Forces.
On my way from one pole of Medicine( the tough emergency doctor) to the -only seemingly!- opposite pole( the spiritual healer)
I have picked up many skills, insights and… overview…
…the KNOWLEDGE that I had been thirsting for so long.

Now, after 40!!! years of learning and searching, I have a fair idea of what could…
…lead MEDICINE out of the dead-end-street and into the future…

I try to practice what I preach!
Once I had returned to the dreams of my youth, to my life’s path,
the back-ache was gone-and has not returned for 2 decades!
I am now probably one of the healthiest and happiest 60 year old persons on this planet!
I surely still want to change the world…of Medicine…with the…

New German ART of Healing