The Pyramid of Healing

The Concept of the ‘PYRAMID OF HEALING’ is very ancient and ultra-modern.

More than 10 000 years old, it has influenced many healing systems on our planet.
Adapted to ‘Modern Times,’ it can bring a lot of clarity through structure into Healing.

The ‘Pyramid’s’ general idea:
There is more to a living creature than we can see, hear or touch.
In fact, we exist on many vibrational levels, many of them not easily perceivable with our limited senses.
As much as the visible light is only a small fraction of the entire vibrational range of waves, our tangible and visible body is only a part of who we are.

The number of vibrational levels is a question of definition.
Commonly we subdivide into:
BODY ( most dense – lowest vibration level),
MIND ( with a range of very low and very high vibrations) and
SOUL ( highest vibration level-‘etherical’).
Any sub-division is possible.
I divide into 7 levels, just because it suits me.

Now, the very simple, yet fundamental rule behind THE PYRAMID of HEALING is:
“Treat every health problem on the level, where it occurs AND above!”
What does that mean?
Any disease – without any exception!- originates from the SOUL.
Very often, as we all know, we will only become aware of an illness, as soon as it has ‘manifested’ down to the more visible, tangible levels- as a physical disease.
This physical disease should then be treated on its level and ABOVE. NOT BELOW!!!

Let me give you a simple example:
Backache is exceptionally rarely a surgical problem (lowest –material-level).
A very typical trigger for backache is an electrical disturbance, e.g. due to a scar (higher –electrical- level).
In these cases we will have to treat the backache on the ‘electrical level’ and above (mind and soul).
If a backache is caused by a nervous disturbance, the –very material- level of surgery is BELOW the problem AND its manifestation.
Hence surgery can simply not work for this kind of backache! And very often it doesn’t!

For those of you, who are interested in more details of how to make use of the structure of
THE PYRAMID OF HEALING, please have a read into Dr. Klinghardt’s article:
“The 5 Levels of Healing”
You can also have a look at “My Pyramid”, which reflects my personal therapeutic approaches on
‘my’ 7 levels.
Every therapist can create their own “Pyramid”, depending on their skills and preferences.