Does Lockdown enhance HEALTH?

To answer this burning question, we need a simple definition first:
What’s HEALTH?

Whilst many different people might have many different views,
I would suggest:
Back to Basics!

HEALTH fundamental number 1:
The WHO definition for HEALTH
“HEALTH is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being,
and NOT merely the absence of disease or infirmity”
The WHO has agreed on this definition in 1947.
It has never been changed.

However, ‘Wikipedia’ knows better!
Wikipedia has re-defined HEALTH as:
“A state of physical, mental and social well-being,
in which disease and infirmity are absent”
How a little change of wording can change the whole meaning…

If we want to assess HEALTH…
Whose definition should be our benchmark?
Wikipedia or WHO?

As a Medical Doctor, I prefer the WHO.
Does the WHO remember their own very basic fundamental?

HEALTH Fundamental number 2:
Every new-grad medical doctor has to swear a holy oath!
The Oath of Hippocrates:
Primum Non Nocere

“Dr Google”knows better! 
‘I will respect the hard-won scientific gains…
of those physicians in whose steps I walk…”
WHY would we need a ‘Dr. Google’ version of a medical fundamental?
‘Scientific gains’

If we want to assess HEALTH…
Whom do you want to follow:
Dr. Google  

As a Medical Doctor, I prefer HIPPOCRATES!
Do the ‘Chief Medical Officers’ remember their HOLY OATH?

HEALTH Fundamental number 3:
The doctor cures, only nature heals!
This aphorism can be traced back to the old Greek thinkers,
Galen and Aristoteles
Have they been so wrong?

‘Disease Management Medicine’ knows better:
Medicine technocrats regards NATURE as their worst enemy,
which they keep trying to reign in, even dominate.
Dominate nature…really???

If we want to assess HEALTH…
Whom do you prefer?
Doctors, who work

As a Medical Doctor, I prefer NATURE.
How many of my doctor colleagues actually remember NATURE?

On behalf of only these 3 basic HEALTH fundamentals:
Let me add a few questions!

On behalf of the WHO:
HOW will the voluntary self-destruction of economies enhance HEALTH?
Will the destruction of millions of livelihoods increase our
‘complete physical, mental and social well-being’?

On behalf of HIPPOCRATES: 
HOW will the deprival of primary life qualities enhance HEALTH?
Will bankruptcy, loss of jobs and homes, shattered families…

On behalf of NATURE
HOW will the ‘retirement’ of our Immune Systems enhance HEALTH?
Will hyper-isolation and hyper-sanitation increase our Immune Response
as part of the divine plan of NATURE???

Let us compare two extremes in the Corona response:
Sweden and Australia
Who will be the winner?

has copped A LOT of criticism for its
Sweden had many Corona cases and many Corona deaths!
But NOW…
At the verge of the long and cold European winter:
The Swedish cases are dropping constantly!
The Swedish economy has been affected as well,
but MUCh less than their European neighbours’ or Australia’s
The Swedish people are quite happy with their ‘Swedish Way’!

has kept its infection rate and death toll extremely low!
Lockdown has worked in favour of these crazily good figures!
But what NOW?
Does AUSTRALIA serve the fundamentals of HEALTH?
How about the Aussies’ ‘complete physical, mental and social well-being’?
How about NO HARM being done to the Australian people?
How about the respect for NATURE in nature’s paradise?

A few figures might help:
+ Australia is already THE world-leader in suicide of young males
Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians between 15-44!
In 2007, more than 3000 Aussie died by suicide…numbers increasing!
In comparison:
Some 512 suicides in Sweden in 2019
Will the Australian figures get better in Lockdown?
+ Many too many Australians are already on heavy drugs( and on the dole)
Thousands of Aussies DIE of drugs every year, 
nearly one in five Australian deaths are drug related,
not counting drug-related illness and misery.
In comparison:
In 2017, Sweden recorded 628 drug deaths-out of 92.000 deaths in total 
Will the Australian drug figures get better in Lockdown???
+ Australia is THE world-leader in allergies and eczema
These problems are closely related to a dysfunctional Immune System
Our Immune System needs challenges, the sun!, exercise and happiness!
Australians have been kept away from all these immune stimuli for months.
In comparison:
The Swedes have soaked in the summer sun, indulging in fresh air activities
Will Lockdown improve the Aussies’ Immune System?
This list is long…

So, who will be the winner-
in the end?
Life is much like a game of Golf:
Don’t count your points after hole 5!
The final score counts…

Looking at the final score…of Lockdown,
Looking at the true costs of lockdown
Looking at the death toll – ALL deaths!
Looking at the disease rate- ALL diseases!
WHO will have the better final score?

My personal bet:
SWEDEN and any ‘Swedish way’ will win the Corona race-
in the end.

Back to our initial question:
Does Lockdown enhance HEALTH? 
I’ll leave the answer to you…