Political Correctness is NEWSPEAK

When George Orwell wrote his famous novel 1984,
he meant it as a warning,
NOT an instruction manual!

The year 1984 is well choosen:
from the mid-eighties on, we have been witnessing a rapid decline
of the freedom of thought and speech,
even of the ability to think and speak.
‘Social’ and other Media are destroying our ability to think,
SMS lingo is destroying our ability to speak.

In 2020, Big Brother’s Ozeania is well established in the Western World.
‘Bellyfeel’, ‘Duckspeak’ and ‘Doublethink’
have become as common as
‘Crimethink’ and ‘Facecrime’
We call it:

The Brainwash of PC starts ever earlier:

In Kindergarten, a young child has to learn, that
the victim is the perpetrator and the perpetrator is the victim
Kindergarten does not seem to be early enough to infect young souls:
Many babies and toddlers end up in institutions,
which are unable to teach WRONG from RIGHT.
Bullying in schools has become a daily reality.
In Oldspeak bullying was simply WRONG.
In Newspeak, it is the RIGHT of the perpetrator.
What kind of adults do we expect our brainwashed children to become?

What is your “gender expression”?
In Oldpeak it was simply MAN and WOMAN
But, of course, a MAN and a WOMAN are prone to commit
MOTHER and FATHER used to give guidance to their children.
What can we expect from “parent 1” and “parent 2”,
who fit so perfectly into Ozeanea’s artsem program?

Whilst I am writing this post,
an outcry is going through Australia:
Hannah Clarke and her 3 children were murdered
by their ‘loving’ father.
Not only the police commisioner thinks,
that the perpetrator murderer could have been driven ‘too far’…

Much lipservice is given to protecting people from 
But nothing happens!
Have you ever been the victim of Domestic Violence?
Did you get ANY help?

There will be NO HELP
WRONG will be WRONG again
RIGHT will be RIGHT.

Perpetrators, who grow up in the security of
Why should they ever stop?

Perpetrators can be male and female!
Female perpetrators rarely become physically violent.
They are masters in gossipping and manipulation.
‘Social Media’ are a female domain.
Many girls’ souls and lives have been destroyed by GIRLS.
Many mens’ lives have been destroyed by a woman.

The Clarke family gave an interview to “A Current Affair”.
So did the MALE victim of Sarah Jane Parkinson.
Women AND men can be VICTIMS!
In our so overly materialistic world, we think, that
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE equals physical violence!
But this is not true.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE equals controlling and manipulating.
Control and Manipulation can happen via mental or physical violence!!!

Physical Violence is only the peak of the iceberg.
Murder is the icing on top of it all.
Interestingly enough, society only reacts to murder.
Briefly, we are upset.
Briefly, some money will be collected,
so that we have the illusion, that we help…
…only to enable us to go back to ‘normal’ as soon as possible.

But how ‘normal’ is the norm in our Modern Times?
Is it normal, that a 12 year old schoolboy is beaten and left to die
without the slightest consequences for his ‘mates’, who did it?
Is it normal, that a school director, who dares to protect his students 
from some little narcicistic shithead, who keeps disturbing the class,
is removed from his office?
Is it normal, that European girls are gang-raped by Muslim immigrants?

The ‘NORM’ is the consensus of the majority.
In Oceania, all this has become our NORM.
With YOUR consent!

So, don’t cry your crocodile’s tears for Hannah and her kids!
Don’t even dare to cry, if you are ‘politically correct’!!!
Don’t try to buy yourself out with your petty money!

Don’t cry for Hannah!
YOU all have driven her there.
What kind of life would have awaited her and her kids?
“Mediation” with a criminal.
“Youth Services’ ” uneducated opinions
Constant abuse of all 4 of them by one single little shit-head…
Endless suffering!

Rowan Baxter and Sarah Jane Parkinson should have been stopped
in Pre-school latest!
Send them to a labour camp, where they can make up for their shit!
If they learn, re-integrate.
If they don’t learn…
PROTECT society!
PROTECT their future victims!

Beautiful Hannah and her beautiful children 
have taken the quickest way OUT!
OUT of your lies and hypocrisy.
OUT of a battle, that they could not win.
OUT of the madness of Newspeak
OUT of