It seems to be unquestionable, that the SUN is one of our mayor life sources:
Too easy.
In fact, the SUN is one of the 4 elements,
which are compulsory for any form of LIFE : fire, water, air and earth.
Obviously the SUN represents the element FIRE.

Like any other of these 4 elements the SUN is compulsory for LIFE.
And as much as any of the other elements, it is able to destroy life.
It is all a question of the right dosage…….

Whenever I can, I spend a few days at the beautiful beaches of the
Lately, when the summer heat was pretty intense,
I would take my dog to the beach for SUNrise.
One of these days, at SUNrise,
there was this group of young surfers-even before SUNrise.
They looked as if they came from a different planet:
Like in the old days!
It was such an unexpected pleasure to watch,
a pleasure, that has become quite rare.
These impressions sparked my memory:
I suddenly remembered, how much a sun-tanned skin was associated with
when I was young.
Every kid with a white skin was regarded as weak and ill,
we would not even consider to play with them.
was probably the WORST attribute that we could give to fellow child.
Never would we have considered wheeling an ‘Indoor-Kid’ out for our team!
We were kids-
and we had COMMON SENSE!

When I came back to my car after a good long walk at the beach-
in the moderate morning SUN,
I had a look at the newspaper, which I had bought the day before.
“Shock new rules over SUN exposure”
was the headline.
“Australians should wear Sunscreen every day, before leaving the house…”
This headline sparked a fresher memory:
Little innocent babies under black gaze in their prams!
Children, who grow up as ‘indoor kids’-as a now ‘normal’ life concept
Young people, who take computer games for real LIFE.
All of them fill the doctors’ waiting rooms…
I have been living in a country throughout almost all my life, which certainly has difficulties to get enough SUN-LIGHT.
Germany has become a grey country.
This has not always been like this, though!
Germany has been one of the most advanced countries in Europe—this would certainly not have been possible under ‘lack of sun’ conditions, which you find over there nowadays.
How comes?
There might be more complex ways to give a proper answer to this question.
In this SUNlight-context, a good answer is:
The weather has changed.
When I was a child, growing up in Berlin city, there WAS absolutely enough access to SUNlight reliably hot summers, reliably cold and crystal clear winters.
We had a beautiful continental climate, very comparable to Moskau, but a bit less extreme.
Throughout the last 2 decades the weather has dramatically changed, dramatically!
We have had years after years, when we would not see the summer’s sun,
years after years of drizzling rain at various temperature levels according to the ‘season’ –
with only a few days or weeks of SUNlight…
The Germans are somehow kept alive like prisoners in a dark prison cell,
one hour per day of ‘Hofgang’,
just to keep us alive.

How comes and WHY?
WHO would want the German people to live in the DARK?
How about some ‘conspiracy theory’ here?
I am convinced,…I KNOW, that we are all already living
‘conspiracy practice’!!!!
Since 1984.
George Orwell has chosen the title of his classic masterpiece with precision!
A HUGE! Part of ‘conspiracy practice’ is:
Make people ILL!
Whoever is ill, will be afraid.
Whoever is afraid, will be easy to subdue.
There are MANY ways to make people ill.
ONE of the most powerful ways to make otherwise healthy people ill:
Deprive them of SUNLIGHT!
In most countries of the Western World,
this SUN-Deprivation works via “Chem-Trails”
is too big for Chem-Trails.
The “OZON Saga” was created…
for precisely the countries, where the Chem trails don’t work.
Read 1984 once again!
‘Wrongspeak’ works at its best through organizations,
which are perceived as the ‘rebels’, the ‘good guys’….
Watch out for the ‘do-goodders’!!!-and do dare to USE YOUR COMMON SENSE!!!

In Germany it seems to be a bit easier to use this common sense in regards to the
‘global warming myth’: It is tangibly getting colder over there from year to year!

Nevertheless, our German Greens and all the other ‘white-left do-goodders’
keep talking about the dangers of the ‘global warming’—
even MORE in Germany(where we are freezing meanwhile!)
When I was still living in Germany, I used to try and make little jokes about:
“I would not mind a bit of global warming—
since we have to use our central-heating almost throughout the whole year meanwhile…”
Not so good a joke for most of the ‘very good guys’

In Australia it is certainly not so much a question of not getting enough sunlight!
Australia is such a big and huge county, a continent!
It is just not as easy as it is in Germany to influence the weather.
Lucky you!
But do you really benefit???

In Germany, ‘they’ use ‘Chem Trails’ to take the SUN away from us.
Germany is a congested country and so is our air space:
If you don’t know anything about Chem Trails, just ‘google’ it –
there is enough information out there!
Back in Germany, we could absolutely predict, when ‘they’ would use chem trails:
any beautiful clear and sunny morning…soon you could see a grid of chem-trails in the sky and the first clouds forming by 10 or 11am, depending on the actual moisture of the air….
Absolutely predictable for 11 months per year.
There would always be a short – rather unpredictable – period, where they would leave us alone for a couple of days—with proper sunlight…just to keep us alive…’Hofgang’.
A few days of ‘Hofgang’ per year for a whole intelligent nation.
If nothing has broken us so far…this will do the job!

I am aware, that ‘they’ are still trying to use chem trails here in Australia as well.
I have seen them in the Ipswich area and west of Newcastle…
But it looks as if this would not be really suitable for Australia:
Your airspace is as vast as your continent, there is just not enough air traffic to really cover your sky with clouds from the chem trails…
Lucky you!

But do you really benefit?
Do you ?????????
The shelves of your chemists and health food stores are full with Vitamin D .
This is ridiculous!
Your young generation is ill and on the dole.
Is this really necessary?
Australia is one of the biggest markets worldwide for DRUGS.
Australia’s suicide rate amongst young males is the highest in the world.
The Australian doctors’ offices are full with pale, white ‘indoor’ children.
How has this happened?
Australian kids used to be strong and heathy and sportive…
…not sooo long ago.
Most of you will remember!
What have you gained?

The weather is changing, YES.
And much of this change is man-made, YES.
But the big changes are not made by little YOU and little me.
The BIG changes to our world are made by the BIG players.
And they keep trying to put the blame on little me and little you.
If ‘carbon’ at all played a big role in the climate change,
it’s not so much your little or big car,
It’s their factories…and chem-trails.

The ‘OZON-hole’ is a lie.
Why would it hover exclusively over Australia and New Zealand?
because their Chem-Trails don’t work over here.

You have been made afraid of the SUN for decades now!
What have you gained?
Are the Australians any healthier, any happier now???
The ones of you, who have been here for generations—THINK!!!
How often did you have to go and see a doctor as a child?
You would have played outside naturally, made your little experiences,
you would have overcome your little or bigger dis-eases…just naturally, I hope.
How often do ‘modern’ mothers in Australia take their kids to the doctors?
Every second day!
Gluten-intolerance here, ADHS there, you name it.
Even ordinary pets have to go and see ‘their’ Vet regularly.
Do you really think, that this is ‘normal’?
Or is this inner voice, your common sense, ‘the soft voice of your soul’,
is this inner voice desperately telling you:
Your inner voice might be right.
NO, it is NOT ‘normal’, that you have to take you kids to the doctor all the time,
It is NOT NORMAL, that your chemists’ shelves are filled with useless Vitamin D,
it is NOT at all ‘normal’, that many Australians suffer from the symptoms of
This is totally abnormal and unhealthy and completely unnecessary
It is very UN-AUSTRALIAN!!!
The SUN is a natural gift to Australia.
PLEASE treat this huge gift with gratitude!

BUT…I hear you say..BUT… there is this huge big problem with the skin cancer!
Let me tell you the following :
“SunScreen is probably THE biggest LIE in medicine so far!”
The TRUTH is:
The more sunscreen you use, the more prone you are to develop skin cancer.

Let me invite you to my reasoning
and YOU will have to judge and make up your mind on how to use my information.

Let us start wit a couple of simple facts.
Our brown skin is THE BEST and ONLY protection against the potentially harmful spectrum of the sun’s radiation.
Our bodies have been adapted to the sunlight over millions of years!!!
As we all know , there are regional differences, though:
In the areas with more sun-exposure, you will find the people with the darker skins.
Too easy.
Have you ever seen a skin cancer in a black African or an Australian Aboriginal???
No??? So, why’s that?
Maybe, because they are protected by their DARK skin ??????????
There are certain cells in the skin, which produce the Melanin, the ‘Melanocytes’.
These cells produce the substance, which taints our skin, according to the individual needs.
These cells need some training.
ANY body function need training!
If an Irish red-head immigrates to Australia
or a German “Stuben-Hocker” comes over for a 2 week’s holiday…
we would not expect their skin to cope.
Their skin need SUN-training!
Like in a normal workout:
Every day a little bit more,
pushing your boundaries a little bit but not too much…
If someone is really very ‘Nordic’ by heritage,
this ‘skin-training’ can take generations.
But eventually,
the skin of the second or third generation will adapt to the new environment…
unless…they are deprived of such a life-changing training.

Of course, and this is COMMON SENSE again much more than medical knowledge!,
of course it will be difficult for a very fair skinned person from Ireland
to have the same exposure to sunlight as a bushman right away…
This might take a couple of generations!
Therefore the fair skinned immigrants to Australia,
most particularly every ‘Nordic’ offspring,
they will have to be careful with the sun exposure…for generations!
But they can only improve…with training!
Consider this:
More than 90% of ALL medical studies in the ‘West’ are paid by the pharmaceutical industry.
Medicine is THE biggest market place in the world-still sky-rocketing!
Very obviously, the Pharmaceutical Industry profits from DIS-EASE.
The DO NOT profit from HEALTH!
The Pharmaceutical Industry
ALL sunscreens
ALL the products, which are needed for sun deficiency, like artificial Vitamin D
ALL all the remedies, which are needed for the resulting dis-eases…like skin cancer!
the worldwide pharmaceutical Mafia
keeps producing their own revenues…
at the high cost of anybody, who believes in their LIES.

But…I hear you object…this is all scientifically proven!
What exactly do YOU KNOW about so called ‘SCIENCE’???
Do you KNOW, how ‘scientific’ studies are conducted?
When have you last participated in or even designed any ‘scientific’ experiment???

I have been a member of the Medical ‘research community for a decade of my life.
Out of this profound experience, let me tell you:
ANY medical study can produce EXACTLY the results they want to see!
You only have to design your studies accordingly.
“Never trust a ‘scientific’ study, that you have not falsified yourself!”
This is what I have learned at Uni
from a mathematician.
And he was right!
MANY have meanwhile understood, that ‘modern science’ is fooling us.
Just have a THINK!

BUT…I hear you say…BUT…I have to use my sunscreen in order to keep me protected against skin cancer, I have to advise my children accordingly to keep them protected…
Think twice!

1. The SUN is our life source—there is NO life without sun!!!
2. The SUN is our life source—there has never been life without sun!!!
3. The SUN is our life source—there will never be life without SUN!!!!

4. The sun has a very broad range of wavelengths.
Only a very small portion of the sunlight is perceived by us as the ‘visible light’.
MOST of the Sun’s wavelengths are useful AND necessary for us!!!
Only some are potentially harmful.
Sunscreen, any sunscreen!!!, filters many of the useful waves, so that they cannot reach us !
Sunscreen does NOT filter the harmful radiation to an extent that gives you any protection from the harmful radiation!!!
Sunscreen does protect you against the thermic radiation-the sun-burn- to some extent.

Now think twice again!
The VERY NORMAL reaction to a SUN-burn is:
Get out of the sun and stay away from it!
If you don’t feel the burn any more…because the ‘sunscreen’ avoids the burn…
wouldn’t the sunscreen give you a false feeling of security?
This is PRECISELY what happens:
With ANY! Sunscreen you don’t get burnt any more. Terrific!
But the thermic damage, the sun-burn
You will not get any cancer from a burn on your stove, will you?
The pain of the burn will warn you to touch the hot frying pan again.
Therefore this-painful-burn is your best protection!
The very same pattern applies to an ordinary sun-burn:
The pain of the thermic damage, the burn, keeps you out of danger!
Once you don’t feel the burn any more,
you might think, that you are safe.
But this is a very FALSE SECURITY!
It’s not the radiation, which causes the burn, which also causes cancer.
Skin Cancer is caused by a different radiation, which your senses cannot perceive!
This is very comparable to X-Ray radiation:
We cannot see it, we cannot smell it, we cannot perceive it-
but it is deadly in a higher dosage.
In regards to the SUN:
Every really good remedy is potentially deadly in a high dosage.
The same applies to the SUN.
The ONLY viable way to get the dosage right:
And apply: COMMON SENSE!!!

But, if you meanwhile mistrust your good old Aussie common sense…
There is also REAL SCIENCE behind my reasonings!
In fact, there is a fair bit of fairly independent science on this planet already.
Everybody can access it!
The vast majority of the independent SUN-research agrees:
The massive rise in skin cancer in Australia goes absolutely hand in hand with…
the massive rise in the use of sunscreen!
Just have a look at the figures!
And dare to think out of the mainstream boxes.
FACT IS: The sunscreen has not solved the skin cancer problem.
So, maybe…it’s time for a different, even opposite, approach?

In Germany, we don’t have many skin cancer problems.
Just because there is not much need of sunscreen.
We have many other problems related to the lack of SUN.
I personally became interested in the skin cancer subject in Australia.
In my early days I met a person, who was literally eaten up by the skin cancer and who had been using a very extreme kind of sunscreen ‘protection’ in the last 2 decades….
His son was somehow sure, that the sunscreen had caused the whole disaster.
Having browsed through some good medical literature, I simply agreed.
Ever after I have made some random personal studies:
I simply asked these many people in the streets with the very visible skin cancers:
“What did you do?”
MOST of them had been using sunscreen with a very high ‘protection’ factor for a long time…
THINK again and again!

Another aspect:
Vitamin D—NATURALLY produced Vitamin D is one of THE BEST protections against any kind of cancer, skin cancer included.
There are many publications about this FACT in medical literature and in the internet.
Just READ them.
And once again:
USE YOUR COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Artificially produced Vitamins or any other artificial substances will NEVER have
the same benefits as the originals.
The sunscreens hinder the natural Vitamin D production.
The many artificial Vitamin D products in the ‘health-food’ shelves only serve the vendors.

Last not least:
It is not a big secret, that many substances in the ‘sunscreens’ are directly carcinogenic.

The SUN.
I decided to relocate to Australia for many reasons.
One of my most important reasons for a move half around the globe was and is:
The SUN!

You might understand, that it hurts my heart to witness how
the formerly so strong and healthy Australians are made weak and ill
…simply by SUN – Deprivation.
A whole nation hiding away from this heavenly gift of nature…

Don’t let ‘them’ fool you!
Trust your Aussie Common Sense!
Refuse to bring up a weak and chronically ill next generation!
YOU AUSSIES, YOU can do better.
Your beautiful country, your continent, your children have deserved something better!
Don’t listen to self-acclaimed ‘experts’!
Take your own Aussie future in your own Aussie hands.
And apply
The SUN is our LIFE source!